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6,000-plus MSC staff and family members attend Koranic competitions

A 30th edition of Mobarakeh Steel Company Koranic Competitions was held in Shahid Beheshti Camp on July 27 with over 6,100 MSC staff members and their families participating.
The event held in under-16, under-19 and adult categories saw participants in two male and female groups compete against each other.
Mousavi Laregani, a cleric who represents Falavarjan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, was on hand for the competition. After meeting with participants, he said Mobarakeh Steel Company leads the country’s industrial corporations when it comes to commitment to social responsibilities.
He thanked MSC for its massive involvement in cultural issues, including in the organization of Koranic competitions, and said the presence of such a large crowd who come from all ages and walks of life is amazing and unprecedented.
He hailed MSC for paving the way for more public awareness about the holy book and underlined closer attention to the Koran and its instructions, saying the Supreme Leader has time and again urged cultural officials to pay more attention to cultural issues, especially to the promotion of the Koranic culture.
He said organization of such Koranic competitions together with promotion of book reading plays an important role in raising public awareness, improving their behavior, and increasing the level of their calm and spirituality, adding he hopes MSC can blaze a trail on the cultural front as it does in industrial production and job creation. “Attention to family and cultural issues is a must for sustainable development.”
Later, the manager of the MSC Human Resources Department thanked the organizers of the event and said the number of MSC staff members and their families stands at roughly 64,000; the fact that some 6,100 people are participating in this event means some 10 percent of the Greater MSC Family is part of this massive socio-cultural event.
He said learning from the experience of previous years has helped organizers improve the quality of the Koranic competitions this year. As for the reason why such an event is held in the first place, he said MSC believes in multifaceted growth and knows that fixation on production without attention to cultural and family issues won’t result in much success; even if such an attitude results in temporal success, it can’t be sustainable. As senior religious figures have underlined the holy Koran can have an impact on all aspects of life. Excellent organizations should always be involved in social activities, he concluded.
MSC attention to spiritual issues praiseworthy
The head of MSC Office for Islamic Propagation, meanwhile, described the attention Mobarakeh Steel Company pays to spiritual issues as praiseworthy and said without a doubt organization of this event is instrumental in promoting ethics in the Greater MSC Family.      
Nabavi hailed the level of competitions as great and said the enthusiasm involved in the event, which focuses on the Koran, can transform lives.
He went on to say what the participants had to prepare for was chosen in a special session and participants were later informed of the decisions of that session. “In addition to workplace matters, MSC staff and their families need spiritual and ethical issues. MSC views attention to such issues as part of its mission,” he added.
“Certainly, organization of such an event is instrumental in promotion of spirituality and ethics; the MSC family is as big as the population of a small town and the Koranic wave that has swept through this family is impressive. The fact that the families of staff follow up on Koranic competitions and sign up for this event means that trend has left a positive mark,” he said.
In conclusion, he said on top of sessions in which the holy Koran is recited, as many as 18 different congregational prayers are organized in different parts of the plant on a daily basis.
Koranic event draws unprecedented welcome
The head of the MSC Security Department said the welcome the Koranic competition has drawn is unprecedented and added only when MSC has a strong presence on socio-cultural fronts, can it be successful in the economic field.
Jahangir Vakili further said the fact that the holy book plays a crucial role in many aspects of our lives makes this event all the more important. He thanked all those who contributed to the organization of the event.
Koranic competition effective in driving tranquility, raising productivity   
The head of MSC Production Planning Department said Koranic competitions play an important role in the spiritual uplifting of staff and their families and added participation in the competitions which involves reading the Koran and other books leads individuals down the path of spirituality and awareness which are bound to be followed by calm and tranquility; this will, in turn, improve the economic performance of the company.
Attention to culture and production propels MSC
And the commander of MSC Mobilization Unit said Almighty God has blessed every aspect of the book and that organization of the event will certainly leave a positive impact when it comes to spirituality and promotion of culture.
He said although this event lasts only one day, the Greater MSC Family is involved in different Koranic and cultural programs all through the year.
As for the reason behind the organization of the competitions, he said God says when people get close to the holy Koran, He opens an umbrella under which they can take shelter and be safe. In order to grow, each individual needs to pay attention to scientific, economic and cultural issues. “Similarly, MSC does not follow a single track and in addition to economic, industrial and scientific matters, it focuses on cultural issues, particularly the holy Koran.”
In total 6,115 people, including 2,981 men and 3,131 women, took part in the competitions.
And the head of MSC Cultural Affairs Department detailed the categories of the event –including recitation and memorization – and said more than 5,000 contestants took part in the written test which featured questions from Koranic exegeses penned by Master Abolfazl Bahrampour, Ayatollah Mahdavi, Ali Rahbar and Master Akbari.
Mahmoud Foroughi further said the first stage of the test for which more than 8,000 had signed up was held in mid-June. More than 5,000 participants advanced to the second round. Of the total 6,115 people present in the final, 2,981 were men and 3,131 women.
He said 48 national and international judges from across the province officiated in the one-day event whose top finishers in the memorization section will be awarded later. In conclusion, he said in the competitions intervals, programs such as sports events, Koranic shows for children and adults, religious consultation and cultural exhibitions were held. 

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