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Mobarakeh Friday prayer leader stresses support for MSC as national asset

Iran’s steel giant, Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) is a national asset and should be lent support, said Seyyed Mehdi Mousavi, the Supreme Leader’s representative to Mobarakeh who also serves as the Friday prayer leader of the town. 
He made the remark in a meeting with Managing Director of Mobarakeh Steel Company Dr. Bahram Sobhani and a host of MSC managers, and appreciated the tireless efforts of MSC managers and experts.
He praised MSC staff as warriors who are fighting on the economic battlefront and said, “Personally, I take pride in the fact that I serve in a town which is located close to the site of the country’s giant steelmaker. I am really proud of that.”
He said Islam has a spiritual eye to the material life to help people build a better life after death as it attaches great significance to the afterlife. “To help people have a better material life, Islam puts emphasis on ways of handling people’s bread-and-butter issues and help them lead a dignified life they deserve. This comes as the Islamic mindset calls for better living conditions – if the stage is set and there is real potential to be unlocked – for Muslims.”
The Friday prayer leader went on to say that Islam views the world as a bridge. “In light of the fact that man is an eternal and everlasting creature, humans should take advantage of the blessings which are available to them in the world and have faith in the fact that no one is here to stay; the world is the place where humans are expected to get prepared for the afterlife. The holy Quran says the world is like a bridge connecting this world to the next.
“You should keep in mind that such a bridge should be strong and dependable. The stronger the structure of this bridge, the more smoothly will be the path people walk on toward eternal life. This is the way Islam looks at the world. [A material case in point] if the buildings that collapsed in the recent earthquake in western Iran had been stronger, we would not have lost so many people to the quake.”   
Mobarakeh Steel Company – which serves as a strong bridge to help boost the economy and sustenance of Iranian people – has contributed to job creation and welfare and to people’s livelihood, he said. “We should not forget the fact that this company has taken steps in the right direction toward achievement of the objectives of the Resistance-based Economy. Any mechanism or activity which props up the economic foundations of society is praiseworthy. The existence of MSC and plants as such are a blessing and a source of pride for the country. What makes MSC all the more important is the fact that its activities span the country according to the existing evidence.”         
The Friday prayer leader further said such achievements have not come around overnight, adding enormous efforts by the MSC managers and staff are behind such a success which has brought about divine satisfaction and contributed to public sense of achievement. “We will do what it takes to help this prosperous company and strengthen its valuable role in society.”    
He then urged MSC to count on officials and the public for its own economic progress. “As people in Iran, including this town, put their valuable lives on the line to protect the country’s territorial integrity [in the past], in current circumstances we will lend support, through close and conscientious cooperation, to Mobarakeh Steel Company, which is a national asset.”   
In this meeting MSC Managing Director Dr. Bahram Sobhani offered a report on his company’s performance as far as production and job creation are concerned and said, “To undertake its social responsibilities, Mobarakeh Steel Company has always given top priority to serving people in society. It will go ahead with its efforts to play a more remarkable role in boosting the country’s economic boom and promoting its dignity.” 

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