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MSC named excellent organization nationally, awarded accolade MSC makes it to EFQM Global Organizational Excellence Award

In a first European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) forum held in Iran – attended by Leon Tossaint, the chief executive officer of the foundation, and Dr. Saeed Sohrabpour, the president of EFQM’s representative in Iran – Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) was found qualified to advance to the EFQM Global Organizational Award. As an excellent company on a national level, MSC garnered the highest points and a five-star accolade in the event which was held at Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting’s conference center. 
In the gathering, MSC Managing Director Dr. Bahram Sobhani said, “I would like to dedicate this honor to all my colleagues at Mobarakeh Steel Group and the honorable Iranian people.”
He made the remark after being given the accolade and the Sign of Excellence by the CEO of EFQM, according to the correspondent of Steel Newsletter.  
He appreciated the contributions of MSC personnel to the institutionalization of quality and knowledge in the company and praised efforts by EFQM assessors who helped the company walk down the path to globalization. 
Dr. Sobhani then referred to MSC’s capabilities as well as to the objectives it pursued through participation in this reliable global award and said, “Mobarakeh Steel Company, which is the largest steelmaker in Iran, the Middle East and North Africa, exports its products to different parts of the world, including the European Union, East Asia and the Middle East. That’s why it needs to act in line with standards, define a template of its own and develop a system through which it can reach its objectives.”   
In general, all Iranians are the beneficiaries of Mobarakeh Steel, he said, adding, “The company deals with suppliers on the one hand, and consumers and staff on the other. The automotive industry and profile and pipe industries, inside and outside Iran, are some of the consumers of MSC’s steel sheets. For a company as vast as Mobarakeh Steel, it is far from proper to be run in a selective manner.”
That an organization focuses on ways to upgrade the whole system under one manager and on production under his/her successor is a blight on that organization, he said, adding it is a must for an excellent organization to develop its own standards.  
The MSC chief went on to say that the EFQM Model is a comprehensive model which can help Mobarakeh Steel formulate its own standards. “This model also shows the gap between MSC and other excellent organizations in the world. With the aid of the EFQM Model, we can assess our company’s performance and learn about the ways to narrow such a gap and keep pace with global organizations. For sure, in the absence of a management system, achievement of this goal based on personal taste is impossible. An organization like MSC cannot be run without a model as such.”        
Today even small-sized companies fail to perform efficiently without a [quality management] system, Sobhani said. “Thanks to competitiveness in the modern world, running a business is too complicated for one person if they prove incapable of tapping into a management system.”
The MSC managing director further said Mobarakeh Steel Company is rightfully on course to excellence. “Based on EFQM Model, the leadership in an organization and personnel work closely together to help the organization march toward excellence. They make use of such a management system. Any success down the line would be the result of efforts by all staff in the company because MSC has not taken a ceremonial approach toward such a system.”  
Dr. Sobhani pointed to the breakthroughs other affiliates of Mobarakeh Steel Group have achieved and said, “In this gathering MSC affiliates showed that they are on course to excellence, climbing the ladder of success. This is yet another characteristic of excellent organizations because these organizations set the stage for other members to walk down the path to excellence as they grow themselves.”  
It should be noted that in addition to Mobarakeh Steel Company, which was named a national excellent organization and given a five-star accolade in this forum, MSC’s affiliates too shone brilliantly in terms of organizational excellence: Kashan Amir Kabir Steel Co. was given a four-star accolade, and Hormozgan Steel Company, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Automotive Sheets Company, Mobarakeh Steel Engineering Company (MSE) and International Systems Engineering & Automation Company (IRISA) were awarded a two-star organizational excellence certificates. 

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