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Commissions at Chambers of Commerce to tap into potential to support industries
The chairman of the Industries Commission of Iran Chamber of Commerce said the commission has decided to establish permanent cooperation and contact with commissions of all chambers of commerce across the country.
Abolfazl Roghani made the remark in an interview with the Steel Newsletter and added, “The commission is also determined to lend more support to national large-sized units as well as small industries, and use the chamber’s existing potential to remove the problems these industries are facing.”  
He further said Mobarakeh Steel Company is a powerful national entity which plays a considerable role in the GNP and the [performance of the] industries in the country. “MSC exports part of its products to European markets in addition to meeting domestic needs, and this is a source of honor for the country.”  
He went on to say that Mobarakeh Steel Company is also known for compliance with its social responsibilities, adding undoubtedly this standout feature had rendered MSC a world-class company.    
Other salient features of this powerful industrial unit are as follows: the high quality of its products which is on par with its rivals; and a complete production chain which results in a competitive price and a reasonable profit margin for the company’s shareholders and stakeholders, Roghani said. “It is praiseworthy that MSC has given priority to domestic markets when it comes to supply of its products.”  
In today’s world, steel consumption is an indication of countries’ development, he said, adding MSC is pursuing a valuable objective – that is, a production capacity of 25 million tons of steel – because the steel sector, which is a parent industry, plays a key role in the country’s growth and development. “In light of the fact that per capita steel consumption in Iran stands at around 200 kg, efforts should be made to speed up the country’s march toward industrialization by supporting MSC and similar industries.”  
A quarter century into the production process at Mobarakeh Steel Company, MSC has – without a doubt – turned into a giant industrial megacity and a sign of national honor and dignity, he said. “That’s why we all need to join hands and help MSC in its march toward growth and progress. MSC’s achievement in this regard will eventually lead to the development of the whole country.”
He said MSC has brought about numerous blessings for the steel industry by mastering the technical knowhow which is applied to the production of different types of steel sheets, completing its production cycle and manufacturing quality products. He also expressed hope Mobarakeh Steel Company, which enjoys efficient management and hardworking, creative staffers, can make more gains down the line.
In conclusion, Roghani said, “We should bear in mind that we can boost production, create more jobs and accelerate the country’s development drive by conscientious cooperation with and strong support for the industries.

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