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Endeavors at Sangan Iron Ore Complex bring hope to society: Friday prayer leader
Sangan Iron Ore Complex makes a praiseworthy contribution to job creation in Khaf and to the town's economic and cultural development, the Friday prayer leader of Khaf said.
Shamsian made the comment at a ceremony to mark the birth anniversary of Hazrat Fatemeh, which is celebrated as Women's Day across the country. Present at the ceremony were the governor of the northeastern town, the managing director of the complex, his deputies, staff members and their families. 
In his speech delivered at the local Culture and Islamic Guidance Office, the Friday prayer leader hailed the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed as a perfect role model for today's women and said if women want to have a life blessed with spirituality it is imperative that they follow the lead of Hazrat Fatemeh.
He hailed the valuable endeavors of the complex's staff to earn money by the sweat of their brows as a perfect example of jihad for God's sake and said employment by the complex of local youth has been instrumental in pushing down unemployment and divorce figures and in beating social harms in this region.
The Friday prayer leader said the town takes pride in the fact that its youth rely on divine assistance and their own perseverance to achieve more on a daily basis.
Recalling the imminent inauguration of the Sangan Iron Ore facility that will produce as much as five million tons of concentrates on a yearly basis, he said in addition to creating jobs and contributing to local development, such projects bring about hope and amount to compliance with appeals by the Supreme Leader to create jobs, produce more and beat unemployment.
He went on to say the activities of companies such as Sangan Iron Ore Complex also foil plots hatched by the enemies to disappoint the Iranian people.
It is our hope that completion of the expansion projects of the company in the future brings more prosperity to the region, the Friday prayer leader concluded.

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