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Pelletizing plant disk indigenized, fully replaced without foreign assistance

For the first time Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) has built on the experience of its experts and their technical know-how to fully indigenize the 14A05 disk of its pelletizing plant, the manager of the MSC Iron-Making Plant said.
Rahim Abdi further said after the indigenization which came in cooperation with local companies, one of the plant's worn-out disks was replaced during the plant's annual repairs.
He said the plant's eight disks had been in operation since its launch almost a quarter century ago. “As a result of incessant operations, one of these disks had developed a fault which in turn resulted in damage to cogs and to the main bearing, erosion of the body and parts and deformation of the body, making its replacement inevitable.”
Meanwhile, Farhang Dabaghnia, a repairs expert with the Pelletizing Plant, said MSC launched cooperation with a local firm with experience in developing such disks after its indigenization office worked out the details of the project.
He went on to say inspection stations were set up to constantly keep an eye on the development process. When the development was over, the disk was first preassembled in the workshop belonging to the developer. When experts made sure the disk is operable, it was transferred to Mobarakeh Steel Company.
The fact that the disk was heavy and huge in size (7.5 meters wide) and the assembly area was filled with upstream and downstream equipment made the disassembly of the old disk and assembly of the new one a big challenge, he said. “So a few months before the assembly got underway, several sessions attended, among others, by the assembly contractor were held to formulate an operational guideline and work out proper mechanisms to ease the problems standing in the way.”
He said thanks to the tireless efforts of staff members, the replacement took place when the plant was having its planned yearend repairs, adding after completion of the assembly, configuration which is of great importance to production of standard-sized pellets was successfully completed and the equipment became available to the plant on time.
Rahim Abdi thanked all MSC units which contributed to the project such as the Operations and Procurement Units as well as the repairs staff of the pelletizing plant, indigenization office, central repairs, transportation, construction unit, etc.          

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