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City Council conference stresses society-industry consensus to secure sustainable development drive

A big congress of Islamic City and Village Councils of Mobarakeh was held at the conference center of Mobarakeh Steel Company’s Research Center, attended by MSC Managing Director Dr. Bahram Sobhani, Zahra Saeedi, who represents Mobarakeh in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, head of the Central Oversight Committee in the City and Village Councils Elections and a member of parliament’s Councils and Domestic Affairs Committee Mohammad Mahmoudi Shahneshin, and members of the provincial security council as well as chairs of Islamic city and village councils of Mobarakeh and a host of MSC senior managers and their deputies.    
Dr. Sobhani: Since its launch, MSC has had constructive interaction with region, province, nation
In a speech to the congress, the MSC chief said his company’s hosting of the congress which coincides with the birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) can be valuable in that it opens the window to more constructive interaction between the industry and the region.    
Dr. Bahram Sobhani further said that since its construction Mobarakeh Steel Company has had very constructive interactions with the region, the province and the country and has never confined its honoring of social responsibilities to a certain city or region. “Mobarakeh Steel Company has made a big difference in every corner of this country by offering valuable and sustainable services.”
On the performance of his company, Dr. Sobhani said MSC had a production capacity of 2.4 million tons in the 12 months to March 20, 1993, when its first phases were launched, but the company’s capacity has grown almost three-fold, now standing at 7.2 million tons thanks to the mindset that prescribes offering sustainable services.  
He said Mobarakeh Steel Group – whose effectiveness spans the country – has expanded the scope of its activities and effectiveness of its performance, and accomplished its primary mission of developing the country’s steel industry by taking care of the following: inauguration and development of Saba Steel Complex (with a 1.6 million ton capacity) in Lenjan, raising the capacity of South Hormozgan Steel Company to 3 million tons, increasing the output of Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari Province Automotive Sheet Making Company, Sefid Dasht Steel Complex and Taraz Industrial Coated Sheet Co. in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, launch of the five-million-ton pelletizing unit and five-million-ton concentrate unit in Khorasan, construction of a graphite electrode production plant in Yazd, and inauguration of Kashan Amir Kabir Steel Co.    
With a 10.3-million-ton capacity, Mobarakeh Steel Group is now the largest holding company in Iran, the Middle East and North Africa, he said, adding all the achievements Mobarakeh Steel Company – as offspring of the revolution – has under its belt help the Islamic Republic of Iran swell with pride. 
The MSC chief praised creation of sustainable employment as one of his company’s achievements and said, “Thanks to its strong performance, MSC has managed to materialize the Supreme Leader’s guidelines on the Resistance-based Economy.”
To help the country earn revenues in foreign currencies, Mobarakeh Steel Company exports part of its products to global markets, he said, adding that it is yet another source of pride for the country. 
Dr. Sobhani went on to say that in its initial planning, MSC carried out a large number of projects so that it could leave positive and valuable impacts in the region, adding MSC has managed to create more than 350,000 job opportunities, both directly and indirectly, across the country.
The MSC chief stressed that Mobarakeh Steel is a national company, saying as much as 30 percent of the company’s shares is the form of Justice Share which is owned by the most vulnerable strata of society, with the rest claimed by other stakeholders. “With the consent of stakeholders in the company’s annual general assembly sessions, the company allocates part of its revenues to efforts aimed at undertaking MSC’s commitments when it comes to social responsibilities. To that end, MSC has always tried to adopt a development-based approach as far as nearby regions are concerned to make a difference there and serve society.”    
He said MSC has contributed to the following projects to honor its social responsibilities: completion of Naghsh-e-Jahan Stadium and the grand religious site in Mobarakeh, construction of a relief and rescue base near Mobarakeh, participation in development of the emergency department of Mohammad Rasul-Allah Hospital in Mobarakeh, and partnership in projects to renovate schools and assist people on welfare. 
Dr. Sobhani then said, “We should bear in mind that we need to have long term plans when it comes to sustainable development and constructive interaction. Our decisions should be solid enough to weather temporal changes and ups and downs, and generate revenues rather than deal a blow to job creation and sustainable development.”
In conclusion, he said Mobarakeh Steel Company remains committed to carrying out its social responsibilities. “I hope the results of this congress bring more blessings for the youth in the country and help boost sustainable development.”  
MSC, a global brand, a regional source of pride
In the same congress, Zahra Saeedi, who represents Mobarakeh in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said MSC, which is a global brand, is a source of honor for this region and the entire country. She appreciated the performance of MSC and its cooperation [with other enterprises] and said, “I’m glad to say that the managing director of MSC, a knowledgeable person in the steel industry, has adopted a special approach toward social responsibilities and interactions.” 
She further said, “At a time when a large number of companies and organizations are going through trying times, Mobarakeh Steel Company – thanks to its efficient management and the tireless efforts of its staff – is making its presence felt, both in domestic and overseas markets, more than before.”    
Saeedi then expressed hope that extensive interaction between MSC and the region can bring about economic boom for the giant steelmaker. 
As for the status of the Zayandehrud River, the MP asked the MSC managing director to set the stage for his company, which is a successful and popular company, to do something for the river, saying the MSC chief, in cooperation with other officials, should roll up their sleeves and help solve this problem. 
She pointed to the Congress of Islamic City and Village Councils of Mobarakeh, which was held at Mobarakeh Steel Company, and said that city and village councils in this region wanted to share with the MSC managing director the ways to help the region have more interaction with the industry. “As the largest steelmaker in the country and the Middle East, Mobarakeh Steel Company which has played host to the members of Mobarakeh Islamic Councils attaches special significance to such interaction. Needless to say, such cooperation can finally help the country walk down the path to sustainable development. All this doubles the value of holding such a congress at an MSC facility.”     
She stressed that people who are living in Mobarakeh and its villages are certainly the beneficiaries of holding such congresses.
MSC, center of energy, motivation
Also in the congress, Mohammad Mahmoudi Shahneshin, a member of parliament's Councils and Domestic Affairs Committee, said Mobarakeh Steel Company is a center of [positive] energy and motivation, adding the industry sector is indebted to this company which has created 350,000 jobs, directly or indirectly, despite the tough conditions during the sanctions era. 
He then touched upon the role of Islamic city and village councils and their interaction with the industry and said, “Contact between different institutions in the country is a must, especially for Islamic city councils and municipalities which should establish close interaction with producers.”  
Mahmoudi Shahneshin, who is also a member of the Assembly of MPs in Tehran Province, said that a plan has recently been formulated for creating sustainable revenues for municipalities, and to that end an independent committee has been formed in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, which is studying the issue. “The committee is seeking to generate sustainable revenues for municipalities and cut their dependencies on other sectors, including the industry sector. This will help remove the burden of municipalities from the shoulders of industries.” 
One of the main goals the Islamic city councils and municipalities should pursue is how to set the stage for businessmen to make investment, he said, adding this should be done in a way that investors can willingly have cooperation in the region. “These councils and municipalities should put aside the approaches which merely serve the interests of their own institutions. They should not be simply after additional revenues for their own city and municipality under their watch.”    
He went on to say, “Islamic city councils and municipalities should give investors assurances that the city has their back; if an industry is to launch activities in an area, the local municipality, the environment department, natural resources organization and other institutions should try their best to issue all the necessary permissions. There should be close cooperation with the industry when it comes to granting loans and dealing with other regional questions.”
The country will take a quantum leap on the economic front if the municipalities do not merely seek to create revenues for themselves and manufacturing companies are not after mere production, he said.
The more success MSC achieves, the greater the blessings its achievements will bring to the people of the country, especially those living in Mobarakeh region, he added. 
Later in the congress, Mobarakeh Governor Javad Soltani appreciated the efforts of MSC in the run-up to the congress and said Mobarakeh Steel Company is a regional and cross-regional pride. “In recent years during which the country experienced the toughest economic conditions, Mobarakeh Steel Company did not halt its production; on the contrary, it carried out its development projects properly and played a valuable role in the country’s economic development by creating jobs and producing more steel.”    
He went on to say, “In recent years, let’s say, since its construction, MSC has contributed remarkably to cultural, social, healthcare and sporting development of this city and Isfahan Province at large. In light of the critical conditions most organizations have gone through, MSC is expected to forge ahead with its support for the people in this city.” 
The governor stressed that officials in Mobarakeh will do their best to help MSC be more successful. “No doubt, the results of MSC’s achievements will benefit all Iranians, especially those in Mobarakeh region. We stand ready to do what we can to help this giant industry.” 
Official: MSC brings about blessings for region, country
Mobarakeh Mayor Mohsen Hashemi was another speaker in the congress. He said Mobarakeh Steel is a knowledge-based company and then offered a report on the status of revenues of municipalities in Mobarakeh and on the economic woes the urban management is tackling with in this region. “Municipalities and city and village councils in Mobarakeh region are pursuing efforts to reach sustainable development. To that end, they are asking MSC management to offer a helping hand to people and officials in this region.”        
The mayor went on to say that today steel consumption is one of the main indicators of development. “That’s why the steel industry can play an effective role in many areas such as cultural development, job creation, and promotion of knowledge, trade and economy. When a nation is determined to have development despite restrictions and shortages of resources, nothing can prevent it from moving forward.”
In the march toward such an objective, human resolve and efficient management can streamline sustainable development, he said, adding Mobarakeh Steel Company is a good example of efficient management and steely resolve.     
Hashemi said the fact that MSC’s production capacity has climbed to 7.2 million tons from 2.4 million tons previously is proof of the steely resolve of the giant steelmaker’s management and staff. “MSC has always been a source of blessings for the region and the entire country.”
The revenues of municipalities in Mobarakeh region are shrinking, he said, adding, “This congress has created an opportunity for municipalities to tap into the knowledge and experience of Mobarakeh Steel which is a world-class, knowledge-based company for handling their own affairs, especially urban management. By doing so, municipalities can create sustainable revenues in this region. In return, we are ready to help MSC achieve its own objectives in different areas.”

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