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Deputy Min.: MSC plays instrumental role in national economy

A ceremony to mark the 25th anniversary of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC), which is the largest industrial achievement of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was held at the Conference Hall of Naqsh-e Jahan Complex in Isfahan with Deputy Minister of Industries, Mines and Trade Mehdi Karbasian in attendance.
In the gathering – which was also attended by Isfahan governor general, MPs representing Mobarakeh and other provincial cities in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Mobarakeh Friday prayer leader and governor, the chairman of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, a host of public and private company managers, as well as MSC’s managing director, his deputies, managers, experts and staffers – Dr. Karbasian thanked Mobarakeh Steel Company for what it has done and said, “Today marks the 25th anniversary of a company which plays an instrumental role in Iran’s economy,” adding that Isfahan has huge industrial potential.
According to the correspondent of Steel Newsletter, Karbasian recalled the standing and significance of the steel industry in the world, and said on the world stage as much as $2 billion was traded in the mines and mining sector in 2016, adding steel accounted for 43 percent of that figure and the remaining 57 percent had to do with other mining products.
Karbasian, who also serves as the managing director of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO), further said that mines and the mining industries create jobs in the country. “More than 350,000 jobs, both direct and indirect, have been created in MSC’s steel production cycle which is praiseworthy.” 
He said the launch by MSC of an iron ore concentrate and pelletizing plant at Sangan Mine and similar projects has helped complete the steel chain and has turned around this region as far as economic boom and employment are concerned.
China owes a large part of its economic growth to investment in and development of the steel sector, he said, adding India is projected to make it to the list of the world’s top four economies in the next 10 years thanks to its focus on the development of the steel industry.
The deputy industries minister said Iran’s steel production capacity has climbed to 33 million tons from 21 million tons four years ago. “Iran has huge mining potential when it comes to iron ore, gas and creative workforce that can effectively help it claim higher places in the world.”  
Over the past four years, he said, Iran has fared well in producing sponge iron and pellets, adding this sector which used to be gripped by imbalance has posted 80 percent growth in raising its output from 28 million tons to 51 million tons ever since the 11th government took office.  
The IMIDRO chief hailed MSC and said the company’s achievements can be attributed to the following: targeted production planning and marching toward its materialization; a complete production cycle; and perseverance of staffers. “Other industries are expected to follow the example of MSC and emulate its signature features.”     
He then highlighted the role steel exports play in the national economy and said Iran’s steel exports this year (as much as 8 million tons) have brought about high added value for the country. 
The deputy minister referred to MSC’s role in the development of the steel industry in the country and the valuable experiences this company has gained in the process and said, “Currently MSC accounts for about 50 percent of all steel produced in Iran. Given its potential and background, we hope MSC maintains its share of steel production as the country tries to increase its output and meet a 55-million-ton target.” 
MSC anniversary reminder of start of national movement
In the same gathering, Isfahan Governor General Dr. Mohsen Mehr-Alizadeh said that the anniversary of Mobarakeh Steel Company is in fact a reminder of a national march [by the nation toward development and progress]. “Hereby, I would like to congratulate the Iranian nation and all hardworking people who are involved in this sector on this auspicious occasion.”
He hailed the MSC managing director as a skillful, selfless, and conscientious manager and said the fact that Dr. Sobhani taps into all his managerial potential and experience to boost production and quality [in his company] and bolster the steel industry [in the country] is praiseworthy. 
The governor general referred to the period when Mobarakeh Steel Company was being constructed and said, “This company had the support of the late Ayatollah Rafsanjani and was built on the back of his farsighted approach as well as enormous efforts by lion-hearted people who felt responsible toward the future of the country during the rough years of the Iraqi-imposed war in the 1980s.
He praised MSC’s achievements and said fortunately MSC has created profits for the sake of the steel industry development and has successfully managed in recent years to claim a remarkable share of the global markets. “We hope MSC carries on with its efforts to maintain its market share in the world.”   
Mehr-Alizadeh went on to say that MSC has always been profitable and dynamic. “That fact that its top-quality products are sold in domestic and overseas markets and that MSC is a member of the large family of world steel producers is a source of honor for the Islamic Republic of Iran.” 
The governor general then thanked MSC for its commitment to social responsibilities and said, “Thanks to the company’s [efficient] management and high morale of its staff, I am sure we will see the company flourish more in the future.”  
He termed as praiseworthy MSC’s measures to make optimal use of water resources and implement urban wastewater collection and treatment projects and said, “It is highly valuable that MSC has managed to slash its water consumption by around 75 percent despite the fact that it has tripled its output. In light of the fact that water is [essential to] life, we should carry out more research to work out more efficient mechanisms for optimal use of water.”  
In conclusion, the governor general said the potential of the youth should be tapped into. “The young people were trusted when Mobarakeh Steel Company was being built. As a result a giant steelmaker emerged which is brilliant. If we once again trust the youth and support them today, the country will definitely make more and more breakthroughs in the years to come.”
Dr. Sobhani: MSC dedicates all achievements to honorable Iranian nation
Early in the gathering, MSC Managing Director Dr. Bahram Sobhani presented a full report on his company’s performance and achievements, and said that in its calendar Mobarakeh Steel Company has two key stages of construction and operations. “Without a doubt, the construction is as important as the operations period.” 
He thanked his company’s managers and staffers and said, “The fact that today MSC has turned into the largest steelmaker in Iran and the Middle East and the world’s biggest sponge iron producer is undoubtedly the fruit of support lent by officials and of conscientious efforts by the company’s personnel since the construction period.” 
Dr. Sobhani said the company dedicates all its honors to the dignified Iranian nation.
It should be noted that a commemorative stamp was unveiled during the ceremony honoring the quarter century performance and excellence of MSC. Ten titles of books on the company’s experience in its march toward excellence were also launched.
MP: MSC’s production, profitability indicate conscientious efforts of management, personnel
Also in the gathering, Ms. Saeedi, who represents Mobarakeh in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, offered congratulations on the anniversary of MSC and said that fact that Mobarakeh Steel Company helps more than 350,000 Iranian earn a livelihood is praiseworthy.
She further said the steel industry is one of the main indexes of development and a key economic base in the country. “The existing production volume and profitability in the company shows that MSC’s managers and staffers have worked together conscientiously. So we thank every single staffer and manager at MSC and all those who contribute to the company’s production chain.”
As for water consumption, the MP said MSC has gained valuable experience in optimal water use which can be followed by others. “This comes as a meeting attended by the energy minister has stressed the need for revival of the Zayandeh Rud River and for tapping into MSC’s potential in this regard.”
MSC, shining jewel in crown of Iran steel industry
For his part, the chairman of Iran House of Industry, Mine and Trade and the head of Isfahan Province’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture said that Mobarakeh Steel Company is the shining jewel in the crown of Iran’s steel industry. 
Abdolvahab Sahlabadi highlighted the importance of water in the province and asked Isfahan governor general to take speedy measures in this regard.
He further said MSC, which is a source of honor for Iran, is a familiar name on the world stage, calling on Deputy Minister of Industries, Mines and Trade Dr. Karbasian and MSC Managing Director Dr. Sobhani to help other Iranian companies take advantage of the valuable experiences of Mobarakeh Steel Company.
In conclusion, Sahlabadi hailed MSC managers and staffers as commanders and soldiers of the country’s industrial army and appreciated their tireless efforts in the company.

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