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Deputy industry minister hails IMIDRO-MSC interaction as effective

The deputy minister of industries, mines and trade has said that Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) plays a very important role in the country's steel industry and that the steel giant has effective interaction with the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO).
Khodadad Gharibpour made the comment as he visited the MSC stall at the 21st Annual Steel Symposium on Kish Island (February 19-20, 2019) and further said cooperation between his organization and the steel giant is quite effective and making progress.
In response to a question as to what IMIDRO plans to do to support steelmakers, he said a number of sessions have been held with industrialists, as well as the representatives of major steelmakers, the Central Bank and the Customs Administration in attendance. “Fortunately, we have made headway and the Central Bank is cooperating well.”
As for measures to support Mobarakeh Steel Company, the deputy industry minister said provision of raw materials is one of the most important questions MSC faces. “Close cooperation between IMIDRO and MSC has contributed to that process. Additional contribution by the Customs Administration and the Central Bank is being followed up.”
He went on to say that other issues the steel giant is working on in cooperation with IMIDRO are local. “The senior management of MSC is determined to forge ahead. Of course, we need to bear in mind that some issues hinge on the cooperation of other institutions whose decisions are crucial.”
Gharibpour described the 21st Annual Steel Symposium as a scientific event in which industrialists brought up their needs and researchers presented their findings and achievements. “What is certain is that the industry needs renovation and modern technology.”
During the course of the symposium, MSC Managing Director Hamidreza Azimian said such events are instrumental in exchanges of information, in talks that focus on technical, engineering and trade matters and, last but not least, in conclusion of contracts.
He said that face-to-face negotiations pave the way for follow-ups and that on the sidelines of such gatherings, experts can get together to present articles on the latest scientific findings in the world, and share their experiences.
The MSC chief went on to say, among other things, the symposium focused on “impacts of a lack of balance in steel industry growth on its sustainability” which is a major concern of the steel industry. “Given that the industry faces various challenges such as [the difficulty associated with the] supply of raw materials and water, environmental issues and supply of foreign-made items, we need to thoroughly pursue the steel production chain with discipline. It should be noted that MSC has always tried to give its fair share to studies and initiatives designed to strike a balance in the industry. The expansion projects we are implementing in the south bear testament to this fact.”
He further stated MSC currently produces some 50 percent of the steel the country needs, adding unfortunately sanctions and international restrictions have thrown up obstacles in the way of exports. Efforts are under way on various fronts to make these problems a thing of the past.
As for the presence of MSC on capital market, he said steelmakers are required to sell their products based on prices announced on the stock market. The process of setting these prices, which are announced once every two weeks on Iran Mercantile Exchange, is transparent.
Azimian said his company will raise its capital in three areas, namely rolling, supply of raw materials and production of new products. “Rolling, the non-stop process of supplying raw materials, production of new products and social responsibility require us to make proper planning and spend our resources prudently.”
The MSC managing director said failure to pay attention to balanced growth in areas such as minerals, raw materials and energy is bound to create problems for the steel industry in the future and added MSC has worked out detailed plans for balanced growth and always uses the views of experts in the steel community in its march forward.
And the acting director of MSC Public Relations Department said the steel symposiums provide an opportunity for researchers, professors, managers and industry experts to present their latest scientific and technical findings and compare notes on ways of securing additional progress.
Iraj Torabi further said the country's current economic situation renders the steel symposium all the more important, adding research on all fronts, especially in the steel industry, can play an important role in ensuring technical synergy and securing access to modern industrial technologies.   
Recalling the “impacts of a lack of balance in steel industry growth on its sustainability”, he said such gatherings can have a very important role in driving up the supply of raw materials and maximal local production of consumables and spare parts and in drawing the attention of industries to social responsibility.
In conclusion, he said during the two-day symposium, the MSC managing director attended a specialized panel as other MSC managers and experts in such fields as indigenization, sales, procurement, marketing, technology, human resources, development, and economy and finance had a constant presence in the MSC stall to share the company's scientific and technical achievements with visitors and other managers and pundits, and exchange views on ways of making maximal use of domestic potential when it comes to the steel industry.

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