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Dr. Sobhani: Growth in MSC stock value, sign of strong performance

A rise in the value of Mobarakeh Steel Company’s stocks proves that the company is performing well, said MSC Managing Director Dr. Bahram Sobhani in a management committee session attended by his deputies and other committee members.
After performance reports on MSC’s different plants and departments were read out, the managing director congratulated all MSC managers and staff on the company’s achievements in the first EFQM (the European Foundation for Quality Management) assessment and appreciated great efforts by all staffers that resulted in new production records.
MSC has won the Iranian National EFQM Excellence Award, has been named an excellent company, has been given a 5-star accolade, and has made it to the world Organizational Excellence Award, according to the correspondent of the Steel Newsletter.
He further said that since the meeting of the company’s annual general assembly in July 2017 MSC’s stocks have more than doubled, adding the upward trend and the growing value of stocks of real and legal shareholders are proof that the staffers have had a strong performance in the company.    
Dr. Sobhani went on to say that without a doubt persistence of success in the company – and generally in all economic institutions – mainly hinges on the staff’s health and vibrancy and their boosted safety. “That’s why all personnel and contractors in the company should fully abide by safety regulations. We should bear in mind that all those who work in Mobarakeh Steel Company are valuable assets of the company. Like the staffers, contractors need to attend training courses focusing on safety issues.”
As for the management of raw material transfer, the MSC chief said the company’s Sales and Marketing Department can form an efficient working group to review the transportation of raw materials from mines all the way to the company with the least amount of costs and in the shortest time possible.
He highlighted the importance of sub-ceiling development projects in the company and said such projects should be handled in full cooperation with the plant’s operator so that they can help materialize the objectives of the operator without causing any disruption or creating obstacles in the way of the production process.   
As for time management when it comes to the delivery of products, he said timely delivery of the orders customers have placed plays a key role in boosting customer satisfaction, adding all plans in this regard should be implemented in the best way possible. “We should not forget that time management can bring about more added value, not just for MSC, but for its customers.”
The company should also pay attention to other key issues such as supply of the spare parts different plants need and implementation of water supply projects, he said.
In conclusion, Dr. Sobhani appreciated the efforts of the managers and staff at the steelmaking plant for implementing projects which use metal dusts in electric arc furnaces and recovering [iron] oxide shells in production of molten steel.   

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