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Energy minister hails as valuable MSC contribution to wastewater projects

Since precipitation levels in Iran are only one third of the global average, our country is hard-pressed for water, and that makes judicious decision-making when it comes to consumption, production and distribution of water a religious, national and legal duty of all Iranians,  Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian said.
The energy chief, who was in southwest Isfahan to a get a firsthand account of progress in some projects, launch a water treatment facility and a wastewater network and break ground on some other projects in Zibashahr and Dizicheh financed by Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC), further said failure to conserve and value water resources is bound to result in serious consequences for us as well as for generations to come.
He said residents of Isfahan Province have directly felt the fallout of a water crisis in their province and across the country, adding the fact that rivers and swamps have dried up and ground water levels have subsided is one of the problems residents are faced with.
The energy minister went on to say that quantity of water is not the only problem we are facing, water quality is as, if not more, important. “By that I mean, we may have water in some areas, but poor quality renders that water unusable. Failure to pay attention to quality may bring about numerous problems for the country.”
Chitchian described water-borne pollution as a grave threat to human health, and said if polluted water were consumed by animals and the plants, it would be a threat to humans and spark a chain of problems.
He hailed the Energy Ministry's wastewater projects – underway across the country – as the biggest environmental plan of the nation and said the average number of treatment facilities launched across the country each year over a 35-year period (between 1979 and 2013) stood at five. Since 2013, however, the average has more than doubled to 11 facilities a year.
The energy chief further said expansion projects have gathered momentum; in addition to internal activities, the Energy Ministry is tapping into the potential of other agencies to generate synergy. Mobarakeh Steel Company has launched a praiseworthy move along those lines.
He admired the environment-friendly measures MSC has taken and said because of water shortage in Isfahan Province, the water the steel giant uses is recycled and returned to the consumption cycle, a measure that can be a perfect replacement for consumption of raw water.
In conclusion, Chitchian thanked MSC for the valuable investment in and launching of a project that not only provides water to industrial activities, but eases the severe water problem of the residents of Isfahan.

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