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Justice official: MSC measures to secure release of prisoners rooted in Islamic, human thinking

Mobarakeh Steel Group has been awarded an accolade for its efforts to help secure the release of prisoners convicted of involuntary crimes. Present at the ceremony were the managing director of Diyyeh (Blood Money) Headquarters, the director general of Isfahan Provincial Justice Department and chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Provincial Diyyeh Headquarters, the public and revolutionary court prosecutor, the chairman of the Board of Directors of Isfahan Prisoner Advocacy Group, the director general of Isfahan Provincial Prisons Organization, the deputy governor general for political and security affairs, a host of philanthropists, governors, mayors, and heads of government institutions as well as the media.
The event appreciated the efforts of the managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Company and the steel giant’s subsidiaries, the province’s benefactors and those in charge of “One City, One Feast”, and “The Breeze of Kindness”, TV programs, which held gatherings during the holy month of Ramadan to set the stage for the release of Isfahan Province’s prisoners who landed in jail for committing unpremeditated crimes.
In the ceremony, Managing Director of the Diyyeh (Blood Money) Headquarters Asadollah Jolaee recalled Koranic chapters which state that God will repay any charitable work that is done sincerely and for a divinely purpose, and that those who pursue good deeds are left with no grief and sorrow.
According to the correspondent of Steel Newsletter, he praised as valuable the efforts of philanthropists, and further said that the activities of the Diyyeh  Headquarters span almost three decades (from April 1990 to December 21, 2017), adding in this period, in cooperation with philanthropists, the headquarters has helped release 110,466 inmates convicted of unpremeditated crimes.
The official presented a report on the performance of the agency he’s running and thanked Mobarakeh Steel Group for holding special ceremonies to release the convicts of involuntary crimes and similar gatherings across the country and said these ceremonies have been held in 313 places across the country. “For his part, the Supreme Leader on day four of the fasting month of Ramadan offered 3.13 billion rials (after 313 comrades who are believed to accompany the twelfth Shiite Imam when he reemerges during his second coming) to the Diyyeh Headquarters to contribute to the release of inmates who are behind bars for committing unpremeditated crimes.
“Thanks to remarks by Imam Reza (PBUH) that proper deeds should be appreciated, we should thank all philanthropists across the country, especially the Supreme Leader, for their assistance to the Diyyeh Headquarters in order to help out the needy inmates and the convicts of unpremeditated crimes,” he said. 
Jolaee went on to characterize the Diyyeh Headquarters as a blessed outcome of the measures of the late Imam Khomeini and the Islamic Republic and said that in the 12 months to March 20, 2017, as many 9,143 convicts of unpremeditated crimes who had run into 742 billion tomans in debts walked free, some 271 billion tomans of which has been written off by the creditors. “In the first nine months of this year (started on March 21, 2017) as many as 7,481 inmates of unpremeditated crimes got released on the back of support by the Diyyeh Headquarters and assistance of philanthropists.     
MSC assistance accounted for one-third of 6.1 billion tomans in direct aid dedicated to the release of the prisoners of unpremeditated crimes.
Later in the ceremony, director of the Provincial Justice Department Ahmad Khosravi-Vafa, who is also the chairman of the Board of Trustees at Isfahan Provincial Diyyeh Headquarters, said that Mobarakeh Steel Company has long cooperated with the Diyyeh Headquarters in the province, adding on the back of the support of Isfahan Provincial Diyyeh Headquarters, 517 inmates have been released in the province since the start of the Iranian year.
“Mobarakeh Steel Company has always taken the lead in charitable donations whenever money is urgently needed for the immediate release of those mired in financial troubles,” he said, adding the giant steelmaker has offered one-third of the overall money in direct aid (6.1 billion tomans) dedicated to the release of prisoners of unpremeditated crimes. Such charitable measures are rooted in the human and Islamic thinking of MSC’s managers and staffers, he said.    
The provincial justice chief said that the Arbitration Council of Prisons has managed to have creditors forgive their debtors – who owe them 16.6 billion tomans in outstanding payments – and satisfy the plaintiffs’ claims by holding various meetings, adding this is one of the most remarkable achievements of the judiciary in the province.   

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