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MSC aims to improve environment conditions
MSC’s senior manager of the department of technical services and logistics, meanwhile, said with the conclusion of a deal between MSC and the provincial Water and Wastewater Company on collection, treatment and recycling of wastewater produced in Dizicheh and Zibashahr the number of towns whose wastewater is collected for treatment and recycling increased to nine.
Javad Nili further said in 2013 Mobarakeh Steel Company and the provincial Water and Wastewater Company signed an agreement on collection and treatment of wastewater produced in Mobarakeh, Zarinshahr, Korkevand, Varnamkhast, Sadeh Lenjan, Chamgardan and Zayandehrood. As part of a second phase of the project, Dizicheh and Zibashahr were added to the initial list.
As for the reason why the seven initial towns were selected, he said the fact that these towns were home to a relatively large population, implementation of the project there was believed to be economical, and last but not least, they were on the Zayandehrood River played a role in those town being given priority. The project followed two major objectives: reducing pollution caused by the wastewater finding its way into the river and using the recycled wastewater in steel production.
Fortunately, the first phase of the project involving the building of the treatment facility, laying pipes, and developing a network is more than 80 percent complete. Under the second agreement concluded in early 2016, two more towns were added to the original list of seven. The second deal required the operations of phase 2 to get underway only after there has been considerable progress in phase 1 and today those operations got underway.
In conclusion, he said he was pleased that the treatment facilities of Varnamkhast and Sadeh have become operational. “By contributing to these projects, MSC seeks to improve environmental conditions in and around its plant. Because improved health and environmental conditions in nearby towns and a decline in the volume of water extracted from the Zayandehrood River will certainly serve the interests of society at large.”

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