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MSC chief: HR dynamism, use of innovative ideas key to organizational survival

All personnel of Mobarakeh Steel Group are expected to take account of managerial issues and pay close attention to corporate plans, the managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) said.
Dr. Bahram Sobhani further stated in light of the fact that achieving the group’s goals depends, to a large extent, on its annual plans and output, all staff members are expected to take proper handling and control of corporate plans into consideration.
He went on to say MSC’s achievement in launching the five-million-ton pelletizing plant in Sangan, a positive performance report offered in the company’s general assembly, inauguration of an expansion project at Saba Steel Complex, and plans to raise the company’s output capacity to 1.6 million tons at Saba Steel in the future are clear examples of the dynamism of MSC and its human resources.
The MSC chief further said the life of organizations is tied to dynamism and the use of innovative ideas in production lines, adding institutionalization, as an organizational culture, of such an approach should be credited for various developments and achievements in the company. “The repair and overhaul of the 320-ton teeming crane for steelmaking and replacement of calcined petroleum coke (CPC) with anthracite coal to produce foamy slag are the company’s two recent big breakthroughs on this front.”
He went on to say that research, when coupled with the use of innovative ideas, would not only boost the company’s technical knowhow and the country’s steel industry, but also raise productivity and render the company’s projects cost-effective. “That’s why all managers and personnel of the company should do what it takes to achieve that goal. The R&D is expected to clear the way for research and improvement of production lines so that we can witness the pursuit of novel plans and activities in Mobarakeh Steel Group.”  
Dr. Sobhani also highlighted the timely provision of the parts the company needs and continuation of indigenization of equipment in the country and said, “Thanks to national potential, provision and production of the parts MSC needs will be simplicity itself. All we need to do is to prepare the quality control guidelines, predict all tests needed at the development stage and carry out these tests completely and precisely before the assembly of the parts in question.” 
He then proposed that an exhibition be held to display the parts the company needs and highlighted the significance of such an event. “Organization of such an exhibition to which the country’s capable manufacturers will be invited sets the stage for the indigenization of such parts through drawing on MSC’s technical knowhow and the potential of domestic manufacturing companies. This would help the country turn into a manufacturer and exporter of a number of these parts.”   
He expressed satisfaction with the fact that under any conditions the personnel are biased toward their work and the organization they work for and that they feel they belong in the company and said, “In a progressive and powerful economic enterprise, managers and staff should not remain indifferent to the organization’s breakthroughs and breakdowns. They are expected to pursue efforts which bring about success for the company and help remove the problems standing in the way of the realization of corporate objectives.”    
These recommendations also apply to MSC’s subsidiaries, he said. “In light of the fact that for successful realization of its goals, the company heavily relies on the annual plans of its subsidiaries and their output, all those who work in MSC, both managers and personnel, should do their best to manage and control the plans meticulously.”     
Trading partners, contractors links of MSC strong chain
Dr. Sobhani said contractors – that take part either in expansion projects or in repairs and logistical projects – are like links of the strong and firm chain of Mobarakeh Steel. “The MSC management does not treat its trading partners and contractors as outsiders. MSC managers do not draw a line between the company and its contractors. To reach corporate goals, MSC has taken care of part of what’s to be done and has entrusted the contractors with the remainder of the job. That’s why hardworking personnel in contracting companies should show a sense of belonging to this organization and act responsibly when it comes to what they’ve been entrusted with.”          
In conclusion, Dr. Sobhani stressed the importance of compliance with safety standards at MSC and said that we should bear in mind that realization of corporate objectives becomes possible only if we have responsible human resources at the company as far as safety is concerned.

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