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MSC contributes to road development, safety projects in Mobarakeh

Ground has been broken on a grade-separated junction on the on-ramp to Lav, Abrou and Howz-e Mahi villages, an underpass road in Amirkabir Boulevard in Ghahnaviyeh, and the second traffic lane of the Mobarakeh-Boroujen Divided Highway. Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) has participated in these joint ventures.
The deputy minister of roads and urban development, who is also the head of Iran’s Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization, told the groundbreaking ceremony that the participation of industrial plants such as Mobarakeh Steel Company in the development of roads helps officials handle freight transportation and intercity commute more safely and with higher quality. 
Abdolhashem Hassan-nia thanked MSC for its investment in the projects and said road transport accounts for over 93 percent of passenger and freight transport in Iran. “As much as 220,000 km of roads crisscross the country on which roughly eight million passengers travel. The qualitative and quantitative development of roads and highways, which is part of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development’s plans, is the legitimate demand of the public.”
The Mobarakeh-Boroujen Highway is a route which connects the country’s central and northern provinces to the south, he said, stressing the need for quality road rectification in this area. “Thanks to the coordination with the provincial Road and Urban Development Department, the Mobarakeh-Boroujen project is expected to complete by the end of next year (March 20, 2020). We hope that completion of the project helps us make road casualties a thing of the past.”
He further said the presence of more than 35,000 freight transport vehicles in Isfahan and 3,000 cars in Mobarakeh alone suggests that Isfahan Province is the hub of cargo carriage in the country. “That’s why we need to redouble our efforts to facilitate cargo movement in the country.”
The deputy road minister went on to say that 400 billion tomans in investment has been allocated to the second traffic lane of the Mobarakeh-Boroujen project from the provincial funds and added a four-lane stretch, 22 km in length, will be part of this project. 
In the ceremony, Isfahan’s governor general appreciated MSC’s involvement in development and road-related projects in the region and said Mobarakeh Steel Company has also invested in other projects in the province, including the Koohrang III water transfer project. “I appreciate what MSC has done so far and I think it is fair to say that the giant steelmaker has always undertaken its social responsibilities.”
Dr. Mohsen Mehralizadeh further said that unfortunately there have been many fatalities on these roads, expressing hope the inauguration of the new projects helps reduce the traffic-related deaths to the minimum.
For her part, Zahra Saeidi, who represents Mobarakeh in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said that high value should be placed on participation by some industrial companies in such projects at a time when the economic situation is far from satisfactory. “In light of the fact that the annual road fatality rate was high in this region, we asked Mobarakeh Steel Company to roll up its sleeves and help the road development projects get off the ground. The MSC managing director answered our call and rushed to help implement the projects.”
She highlighted the significance of infrastructure in any given project and said investors show no willingness or motivation whatsoever to lend financial support to regional projects so long as the country’s access roads are not rectified.  
The MP went on to recall the road casualties on the Mobarakeh-Boroujen Highway and said the rectification of this road was given 40 billion tomans in finances from the line budget items the government presented for the 12 months to March 20, 2019.
As for the underpass road in Ghahnaviyeh and the grade-separated junction on the on-ramp road to Lav, Abrou and Howz-e Mahi villages, Saeidi said this district has always registered a high rate of fatalities over the past years, adding MSC’s financial support, together with investment by Mobarakeh Municipality, City Council and the Road Development Department, set the stage for us to break the ground on road rectification and improvement projects in this part of the road.
The MP also said implementation of these development projects came with the following achievements: easing the traffic and movement of freight carriage trucks and buses, improving the safety of passenger cars and protecting the lives of their occupants.
In the same ceremony, Mobarakeh Governor Hamid Assarzadegan said road transport in Mobarakeh, which is an industrial hub, is highly important. By the same token, he said, implementation of such development projects is essentially necessary in this industrial region.
In conclusion, he thanked the MP representing Mobarakeh in the Islamic Consultative Assembly as well as MSC for huge investment in regional development projects, and said the managing director of the giant steelmaker Dr. Sobhani has always had good rapport with people in this region.

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