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MSC installs, puts into operation onboard weighing system

Iranian experts at Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) have – for the first time in the country – designed, installed and put into operation an onboard weighing system. Specialists at the Electrolyte Cleaning Line of the Cold Rolling Unit have designed and installed the system. Foreign firms have yet to develop a similar system.  
Ebrahim Najafi, an automation of the annealing and electrolyte lines expert at the Cold Rolling Unit, touched upon the company’s need for such a system and said due to the absence of a proper weighing system in the electrolyte line, the accurate weighing of the line’s output was all but impossible, adding similar calculations for downstream lines too encountered some problems. 
“So the need for the installation of a truck scale (weighbridge) for weighing the coils coming out of the electrolyte line was strongly felt. In light of the high concentration of equipment and their inappropriate physical conditions, the installation of such a truck scale was practically impossible,” he added. 
Najafi further said because the overhead cranes functioned for a limited time, weighing operations had to be done by one of the devices when the process was in progress.  
In recent years even foreign companies have failed to come up with a proper plan to implement a project as such, he said, adding that following careful studies by the unit’s experts, a system was designed in cooperation with Towzin Sepahan Company to help weigh the coils on the coil tilter which was installed on the electrolyte line.     
As for the performance of the weighing system, he said, “Thanks to a motor [control] mechanism, the onboard weighing system at the Electrolyte Cleaning Line moves as much as 4 centimeters over the exterior part of the tilter and separates the coil from the interior part when coils are returning toward the exit. As a result, the weight of the coils can be measured.
“Then the numbers showing the measured weight of the coils are automatically inserted into the data system which will be later used for calculating the line’s output in terms of weight,” he added.
The MSC expert pointed to the upsides of the onboard weighing system and said the technology used to develop the system in question helps the structure move horizontally and allows the entire structure of the truck scale to move vertically so that the next coil can be tilted.
The system’s weighing accuracy is 0.5 percent (10 kg in a weight range of up to 20 tons), with its impact tolerance standing at a capacity of up to 400 percent.     

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