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MSC produces high-gloss, color-coated steel sheets to be used in home appliances

Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) has produced high-gloss, color-coated steel sheets which can be used in the production of home appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. The breakthrough, Iran’s first production of top-quality color-coated sheets, has come on the back of tireless efforts by MSC staff and in cooperation with home appliance manufacturing companies.
Mehdi Naghavi, who is in charge of the MSC’s Cold-Rolling Plant, made the announcement and said that the use of pre-painted galvanized iron (PPGI) sheets in the home appliance industry has the following advantages: producing sheets at high speed; removing the coloring phase in the production lines of the home appliance plants; improving the quality of products; eliminating gas pollutants and consequently improving environmental processes; and cutting the cost price of the product. He further said that most home appliance manufacturers are willing to use PPGI sheets in producing household devices.
Meanwhile, Alireza Gandomkar, who is in charge of the MSC’s Galvanizing and Color Coating Unit, said that the pilot project to produce PPGI sheets was jointly implemented by Mobarakeh Steel Company and home appliance manufacturers. “In light of the fact that the sheets should have unique features, drawing-quality (DQ) mild steel was used in the project in the first stage so that its flexibility contributes to the ductility process it undergoes in the home appliance plant. In parallel, the stage was set for the supply of the material needed for the sheets such as special color coating, which includes top paint and primer (undercoat). Since color-coated sheets are so sensitive that they may suffer damage, scratch and abrasion during transportation and roll forming, it is necessary to cover the sheets with protective films. So the company’s procurement department identified a protective film supplier and purchased them.         
He went on say, “The procedural parameters of the product were carefully defined in cooperation with the technical production unit at the Cold-Rolling Plant and experts with the Color-Coated Plant. The products which were produced in the color-coating lines bearing the same features were sent to Niksan Sanat Company on October 26. Four days later, one steel coil was turned into sheets in the shearing line of Niksan Sanat in the presence of the technical representatives of Mobarakeh Steel Company and Niksan Sanat. The sheets were later formed before being used to produce the side wall of refrigerators. Fortunately, Niksan Sanat approved the sheets’ coating flexibility, formidability and scratch-resistance.
In the first order placed for these sheets, Gandomkar said, a 20-ton volume of the color-coated sheets which was used in Niksan Sanat on a trial basis drew positive feedback from customers. “It was decided that an additional 500 tons of these sheets be produced and sent to the market in order to have more customer feedback.”
The project had another upside, he said. “Safety and health issues take center stage in producing home appliances. For the first time the company managed to use a chromium-free compound instead of materials containing hexavalent chromium (VI) in producing the items on a trial basis thanks to the assistance it was given by powerful suppliers.”
In conclusion, he thanked all those who contributed to the trial production of this type of color-coated, steel sheets, a first in the country, including Niksan Sanat Company, the Technical Production Group at MSC’s Cold-Rolling Plant, units in charge of producing galvanized and color-coated sheets, labs, as well as metallurgy, production processes, purchase, sales, and customer technical support units for their sincere contribution to the project.

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