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MSC, source of honor for Isfahan and Iran

The Specialized Commission on Industries and Mines at Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture held its seventh session at Mobarakeh Steel Company on Wednesday October 19 with ICCIMA President Abdolvahab Sahlabadi, President of the Specialized Commission on Industries and Mines Dr. Bahram Sobhani and other members of ICCIMA in attendance.
According to the correspondent of Steel Newsletter, Sahlabadi praised MSC for its achievements in the first half [ended on September 21, 2016] and its selection as an ideal production unit when it comes to provincial and national standards. “Mobarakeh Steel is a reason for honor and glory in Isfahan Province and Iran. We extend our sincere thanks to all MSC managers and staff members who have contributed to the company’s success since its emergence as a steel giant.”
In our overseas trips, we have witnessed that all countries mention Mobarakeh Steel when the topic is industry, especially the steel industry, he said, adding this is a great honor for Iran’s industries. “Although MSC products are not apparently among items such as home appliances which meet people’s daily needs, it can be said that the popularity of Mobarakeh Steel is like the popularity of the products of the world’s well-known car manufacturers.”      
In the capacity of the president of the ICCIMA’s Specialized Commission on Industries and Mines, the MSC managing director has always attended the chamber’s sessions and has tried his best to help achieve the stated objectives of the chamber, Sahlabadi further said.
“Considering the fact that a large number of people in different firms and companies have been inoperative in recent months due to the current state of the global economy, unemployment and the number of people who are on unemployment insurance benefits is on the rise. Against such a backdrop, the role of efficient management in plants such as Mobarakeh Steel, that has created job opportunities for a large number of people in society, comes to light.”
He described MSC has generated jobs for more than 13,000 people in the company; overall, it has created as many as 350,000 direct and indirect jobs through its subsidiaries. “This brings us to the conclusion that it is the responsibility of all people in Isfahan and entire Iran to protect this company, and try to help the engines of the steel industry spin as smoothly as possible.”
He also said when Isfahan Chamber of Commerce started its new term it had 1,700 members. “We are pleased today to announce that we have increased the number of members to 2,500 only through services and interaction.”
He underlined efforts to boost the specialized commissions at the chamber of commerce as the main activities of the chamber and said he is happy that Dr. Sobhani heads a commission at the chamber and has long played an effective role in managing the country’s industrial units through his managerial skills. “In this period, we have managed to upgrade the education commission to a satisfactory level, and as a result other chambers of commerce in the country, including Tehran Chamber of Commerce, have expressed willingness to cooperate with Isfahan Chamber and tap into its experiences.
He said the chamber has invested in SPX, and as many as 210 members are active in this sector, adding all members of small- and medium-sized units in the country can be SPX members.   
Sahlabadi characterized efforts to set the stage for industrialists, tradesmen and economic players to tap into the chamber’s potential as one of the most valuable measures taken during his term in the Chamber of Commerce, saying the Chamber of Commerce belongs to all players involved in this sector.  

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