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MSC supplies 260 Conex boxes to quake-stricken people, gives priority to producing sheets used in construction of Conex boxes

Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) has moved to help quake-hit people in western Iran by supplying as many as 260 equipped Conex boxes (worth 20 billion rials) and producing the sheets used in building Conex boxes for the quake-hit areas.
The MSC move to deliver Conex boxes which serve as makeshift shelters for stricken people comes after a request by the Ministry of Industries, Mines and Trade and senior Isfahan provincial officials that the giant steelmaker help meet the needs of stricken people following the arrival of the cold season.   
Mohammed Nazemi Harandi, MSC’s Public Relations Manager, said that the production process at Mobarakeh Steel Company is based on the orders the company receives, adding production of any product needs a certain preparatory period of time. “However, MSC will try its best to give priority to sheets used in building the Conex boxes for people in need through close cooperation and interaction with its customers.” 
Mobarakeh Steel Group rushed to the aid of stricken people in the early days following the strong earthquake by sending humanitarian aid, valued at 3 billion rials, he said, adding, “In the first phase, MSC’s management and staff joined people from different walks of life in helping the stricken people by dispatching 5,500 blankets, 4,000 ready-to-wear clothes, 20,000 food cans, 20,000 loaves of bread and about 15,000 packs of bottled water.
“It also provided cars for transferring the humanitarian aid collected in the province to the west of Iran. In so doing, the company did its utmost to undertake its social responsibility in this regard. Needless to say, the management and staff at Hormozgan Steel Company, Sefid Dasht Steel Complex, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Automotive Sheets Company and Saba Steel Complex joined the humanitarian effort by sending their aid, both cash and non-cash, to the people in quake-hit areas.”
Nazemi Harandi went on to say that in addition to basic items, the first phase of relief operations saw large volumes of nylon sent to the quake-hit areas to help people in makeshift tents brave heavy rainfall. “However the freezing cold has made it impossible for homeless people to stay in tents. To help provide temporary accommodations for the stricken people, Mobarakeh Steel Company decided to supply about 260 Conex boxes to the disaster zone.”  
MSC’s public relations chief said that in designing and constructing these Conex boxes the company has complied with all necessary standards, adding when complete, these Conex boxes will be immediately sent to the stricken regions. “We hope these Conex boxes are handed over to the Iranian Red Crescent Society to be used in other emergencies after the stricken people in western Iran have been offered permanent housing.”

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