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MSC takes part in 16th International Environment Exhibition

Director of the Department of the Environment Masoumeh Ebtekar, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, Vice-President for Legal Affairs Majid Ansari, the environment ministers of Germany and Italy and the EU environment coordinator were on hand for the inauguration of a 16th edition of the International Environment Exhibition in Tehran in late February.
In a keynote speech, the environment chief said following the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action [the nuclear deal Iran struck with world powers in 2015], the stage has been set for closer environmental cooperation and exchanges with the rest of the international community.
She further described the contribution of the private sector to efforts to protect the environment as the key to success, and said events such as this exhibition which bring together various players set the stage for the involvement of the private sector in the environment sector.
She added the government is duty-bound to introduce rules and policies to secure the contribution of the public to efforts to settle environmental conditions involving particles and air pollution and manage water resources.  
Even when it comes to the management of waste, the country needs international interactions to secure the inflow of high technology and foreign investment, she said, adding in protecting the marine environment and biodiversity, the government needs the support of the public and the NGOs.
Recalling the environmental macro-policies of the establishment communicated by the Supreme Leader, the director of the Department of the Environment said that these policies have created a kind of convergence in the field of environment in the country. Besides, there is a government in office which, despite economic and social crises, puts the environment first. It is in such an atmosphere that we are trying to use the contribution of the public to the improvement of the environment.
In this exhibition, representatives of Italian, French, German, Canadian and Slovenian environmental firms and groups held talks with their Iranian counterparts. New energies, thermal energy recovery in the industry, waste management and improvement of the environmental performance of institutions took center stage in these talks.
Industry official hails MSC’s tree planting
The chairman of the board of directors of the Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation (IMIDRO) hailed the exhibition as “a valuable event which draws the attention of participants to the importance of the environment.”
Mehdi Karbasian further said different institutions have shared information about the measures they have taken on the environment front with others. For instance, MSC has planted saplings that do not require much water to grow on thousands of hectares of land. Similar measures have been taken by the mining sector.
No doubt more needs to be spent on and invested in the environment, he said, adding the measures taken near some mines and mineral industry plants show that mines can help the environment, but that requires more spending than before as well as the use of modern technology.
In conclusion, he said one of the most important things IMIDRO has on its agenda is the transfer of modern technologies into the country.
I hope MSC to become a pioneer of environment protection: VP
Vice-President for Legal Affairs Majid Ansari, who was visiting the MSC stall at the exhibition, said he has been in on the activities of the steel giant ever since it was under construction and still follows news on its progress. I hope Mobarakeh Steel Company becomes a pioneer, as it is on other fronts, in protecting the environment, he said.
And Dr. Saeed Motesadi, the deputy director of the Department of the Environment and the head of its Human Environment Department, also visited the MSC stall to learn about the measures the steel giant has taken to protect the environment and said compliance with environmental standards is a duty of all organizations.
He also called for cooperation between the industries and the Department of the Environment in drawing up and updating environmental standards.

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