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MSC wins Consumer Rights Protection Golden Trophy

Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) has secured for a third time the golden trophy of a consumer rights protection event. At the 17th Conference of National Day of Protecting the Rights of Consumers attended by the minister of industries, mines and trade, the director of the Consumer and Producer Protection Organization, and MSC Managing Director Bahram Sobhani as well as a host of industrialists and economic actors at the IRIB International Conference Center, Iran’s giant steelmaker was handed the top award.   
In the conference, Minister of Industries, Mines and Trade Mohammad Shariatmadari handed the golden trophy to MSC and appreciated the efforts of the company’s managing director and staff members, according to the correspondent of Steel Newsletter.
Later, MSC chief Dr. Sobhani told reporters that since its launch Mobarakeh Steel Company has implemented a production and sales system based on a customer-driven approach and respect for consumer rights.
Dr. Sobhani said respect for consumer rights is one of the main strategies of Mobarakeh Steel Company, adding MSC production is based on the orders customers place. “That’s why production of any given item is fully mechanized and in line with the customers’ orders from the beginning of the steelmaking line to the end of the production line. The products are monitored repeatedly along the way. After the delivery of the products, the company does not leave its customers alone; rather, in cooperation with respective experts it tries to meet the customers’ expectations and win their satisfaction.” 
Producers of pipes for transferring oil and fluids, pipes and profiles, automakers, oil and petrochemical industries and home appliance manufacturers are among customers of Mobarakeh Steel Company, he said. “We believe that as producers all these industries have certain rights, and we are duty-bound to respect their rights – when it comes to the production and delivery of products – and value their viewpoints.”      
The MSC chief went on to say that the company should continue the quality control of its products until it makes sure they fully conform to the orders of customers. “The customer-driven approach MSC has adopted is not confined to domestic products alone; rather, in the export sector the company’s products are produced in line with the latest international standards and in accordance with the customers’ orders. The company pays undivided attention to customer satisfaction.”
Thanks to a customer-driven strategy and respect for customers, Mobarakeh Steel has always gone beyond requirements and standards, Dr. Sobhani said.
For his part, Tajmir Riahi, who is in charge of sales and marketing department at Mobarakeh Steel Company, said the company has created appropriate structures to make sure customers are satisfied with MSC products.
He further said those structures are as follows: pursuing R&D activities; providing a basket of goods in keeping with customer needs; improving the quality of products to meet customer and market demands; rendering retail services all across the country; carrying out periodical inspections and establishing constant contacts with customers; offering technical, specialized pamphlets; studying consumers’ technical and commercial claims; carrying out annual customer surveys; holding conferences with customers; holding technical and commercial meetings with customers; designing and implementing a Customer Relationship Management system; offering financial and trade services; reviewing the status of the customers’ orders in the production process; reviewing the status of the customers’ invoices; and implementing ISO 10004 Standard on Quality management - Customer satisfaction and ISO 10002 Standard on Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Handling.      
The official said Mobarakeh Steel Company has always gone beyond requirements and standards thanks to a customer-driven strategy and a policy on respecting customers. “The upward curve in the customers’ surveys – which have been carried out since 2001 – shows that MSC’s measures have largely helped raise customer satisfaction in the 16-year period.”      
He went on to say that these achievements render MSC more responsible vis-à-vis society and customers, adding this will bring about constant improvement and development in the company in all areas.  
Tajmir Riahi said the following are the targets of the company for next year (which starts March 21, 2018): working out plans for registering and tracking the corrective measures of the company stemming from customers’ surveys; holding technical meetings with customers and reviewing customers’ claims when it comes to software; speeding up the corrective measures and injecting more transparency and efficacy into the corrective measures customers have in mind; making plans to set up MSC’s customer call center; and making preparations for bilateral or multilateral cooperation with other steel roll makers in the country in a bid to raise production and offer products consumers need, something which is a key step toward materializing the objectives of the Resistance-based Economy. The company also has plans to put in place a comprehensive customer bank so that it can create an integrated information bank system of potential and real customers and facilitate customer contacts.      
As for the conference of National Day of Protecting the Rights of Consumers, he said the conference was launched in 2001 to increase motivation and sensitivity among producers and service providers when it came to respecting consumer rights, raise consumer confidence and encourage the public to use goods and services provided by the units which have won certificates and trophies. It also aims to offer fair prices and good services and persuade consumers to use items which bear national standards, he added.   
In conclusion, he said, “Various measures are already being taken in all of the company’s processes including sales and marketing to maintain and increase customer satisfaction.”
It should be noted that the 17th Conference of National Day of Protecting the Rights of Consumers saw as many as 739 companies undergo assessment, of which 132 were selected to be awarded a prize. Twenty-eight companies were awarded the golden trophy and 25 companies received the silver trophy. The number of companies which were given a bronze trophy stood at nine and as many as 70 companies received certificates. Among metal and mining companies, Mobarakeh Steel Company won the golden trophy for a third year in a row.   

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