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Official: MSC has always supported domestic production and indigenization

Commitments such as support for domestic manufacturing companies and the upgrade of the country’s technical knowhow have always been on the agenda of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) since the inception of the giant steelmaker, said Mehdi Tavalaian, who is in charge of procurement at MSC.
He further said MSC’s approach toward supporting domestic production is in line with the policies of the Resistance-based Economy and in keeping with support for national manufacturing. “Today Mobarakeh Steel Company is ready, more seriously than ever, to cooperate with domestic, knowledge-based companies to jointly tap into modern sciences and set the stage for manufacturing the products which are not locally made in Iran.” 
If domestic, indigenized products measure up to acceptable standards, and successfully pass the required quality tests, MSC will be at the ready to purchase the products in question in the form of long-term contracts (3–10 years) and use them in its production lines, he said.
Tavalaian cited the process needed for indigenization of graphite electrodes in the country, access to the technical knowhow for producing reformers and direct reduction modules, indigenization of rollers to be used in cold and hot rolling processes, and production of catalysts as perfect examples of MSC’s approach toward domestic production. “Technology, technical knowhow and indigenization process of these examples and many other similar cases Iran was unable to manufacture in the past were transferred to the country thanks to Mobarakeh Steel Company’s approach toward domestic production, with the devices in question being used in the company’s production lines after being indigenized inside the country.”   
The main mission of Mobarakeh Steel Company at a national level is to produce steel, but MSC has acted on its social responsibilities and has always tried to support producers by investing in and offering financial contributions to projects so that it can play a role in advancing research-related projects and manufacturing devices, the official stated.
Tavalaian went on to say that Mobarakeh Steel Company has committed itself – from every aspect – to empowering domestic manufacturing companies. “In return, MSC expects these manufacturing companies to let go of an exclusive acquisition mindset and go out of their way to improve the quality of indigenized products and equipment.”   
The country needs to take into account the cost price of indigenized equipment, a price which is competitive enough in global markets, he said, adding, “We have to pay attention to competitive cost prices of indigenized products as we consider the quality of our products. Thanks to the advantages Iran holds, Iranian manufacturers need to indigenize the products in a way that domestic products can compete with foreign goods qualitatively and be far more affordable than foreign-made items as far as the cost price is concerned. We should bear in mind the fact that any support for domestic production should not be led astray because it causes consumers and shareholders to incur losses.”      
All units working under the Procurement Department at MSC are ready to help make this happen, he said, adding, “To that end and to supply the company’s consumables and raw materials, MSC invites all knowledge-based and manufacturing companies to roll up their sleeves for the sake of the country’s honor and help wean their country off its dependence. For its part, Mobarakeh Steel Company would naturally make a [firm] managerial commitment to use their products in the long run, only to support these manufacturing companies and use the indigenized products depending on their application or investment.”        
In conclusion, he said Mobarakeh Steel Company announces the products it needs through a purchase planning system, adding companies can – through this system – get more information about the products which are not produced in the country and build on MSC’s support to take measures to transfer the needed technical knowhow to the country and indigenize the products in question.

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