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Repairs of Pelletizing Plant successfully completed

Recent repairs at the Pelletizing Plant of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) featured preparations, executive instructions, coordination with relevant bodies, constant follow-ups and close to 40,000 man-hours of quality operations which went off without any accident, Reza Esmailpour, the manager of the Pelletizing Plant said.
He said that among other things the repair operations involved the following: the mill lines, the mixers, fluid lines and facilities, the disks, inspections and repairs of the refractory roof and the cooling sector of the furnace, the curved rails of the lowering and drive, process fans, the systems that empty the furnace, dust-collectors, electrical instrumentation, furnace control torches and a first phase of a project to upgrade the automation of the plant.
He further said the project which is in line with the qualitative and quantitative goals of the plant improves the operability of the equipment installed at the facility.
Ali Jeylan, the plant’s production manager, meanwhile thanked the personnel of the production, emergency repairs and industrial cleaning units for their contribution to the projects and said that detailed production timetables played a key role in the timely conclusion of these repairs.
For his part, Khodabandeh, the head of the Electricity and Instrumentation Unit, praised his men and the personnel of the Automation Unit for their contribution and said preparatory and coordination sessions organized ahead of repairs were instrumental in the effective and safe implementation of the project at hand. He also appreciated the efforts of the personnel of the central repair unit, IRISA and Advanced Process Control Company Espanada.
And Abedini, who is in charge of the mechanical repairs at the Pelletizing Plant, thanked his personnel for issuing timely requests for the bulk of operations, and for the follow-up of preparations, supervision and safe implementation of repairs.  
Mohajeri, who is in charge of Technical Repairs Office at the Iron-Making Plant, also appreciated the personnel of the Technical Repairs Office and said organization of regular preparatory sessions months ahead of the repair-related shutdown and formulation of detailed timely planning for more than 2,200 repair operations and daily sessions during the shutdown and provision of spare parts were instrumental in the planned repairs.
And Seyyed Taghi Hosseini, the head of major maintenance and repair operations at the Central Repairs Office, said his office complied with about 1,400 requests (40,000 man hours) and added these operations which involved massive preparations, executive instructions, and allocation of resources including experts and tools, went off without a hitch as far as accidents were concerned.
In conclusion, he thanked all managers and contractors who played a role in these repairs.

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