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Saba Steel Complex designed to produce 6.1 million tons of steel

The move is designed to set the stage for what is required to launch the smelter and continuous casting No. 2 and complete what is shared with the current production line, he said, adding completion of the project will see an electric arc and ladle furnace No. 2 and thin slab casting No. 2 added to the existing production line.
He said these activities were undertaken when a 224-hour shutdown of the facility started on December 14, adding among other things the following are underway at the steelmaking plant: replacing the bus bars of the existing 270-ton smelting crane with those of the new one; paving the way for the movement of the new crane, welding corrections for the support bus bars of the 310-ton and 260-ton cranes of the steelmaking charging, installation of RBC05 chutes to connect the conveyor belts of the old and new electric arc furnaces.He also said reforming the NBC01 belts that connect the old silos to the new sponge iron silo, relocation of pipelines that transfer gas, oxygen and condensed air, instrumentation air, emergency water, cooling water and nitrogen, coupling of the electrical enclosure of the new substation, PT and CT tests of relays, launching the power center of the 270-ton crane and the auxiliary transformers were also in progress. Khalili added that the arrangements in the casting machines make it possible for condensed air, water for fire-extinguishing purposes, nitrogen, gas and oxygen to be transferred, while the new pulpit has been linked to the old one and new wiring has been conducted.
In the tunnel furnace and milling, the furnaces, dismantling and shuttle collection have been reformed in addition to operations to complete the installation of the new Shuttle No. 1, automation for linkage between signals of the old and new shuttle and its connection to the grid, operations to set the stage for the installation of new belting machine, installation of the crossover table between coilers No.1 and 2, final installation for coil lifting and turning, reforming the saddles of down coilers, and collecting the auxiliary power centers of F7 and installation of an HSM electrical distribution enclosure.
As for measures taken at units such as production, water treatment and distribution, and electricity distribution, he said the launch of 16 MV motors, four diesel-powered engines, transformers and new pit-scale boards, expansion of the electrical enclosure of the LBSS 1 Sec station and the completion and installation of condensed air distribution pipes are among the measures taken to that end.
In conclusion, he said he hoped that timely completion of the expansion projects at Saba Steel Complex will help pave the way for the realization of the MSC goals.

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