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Steelmaking Plant sets new production record: MSC PR Office

The Steelmaking and Continuous Casting Unit of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) has set a new record by producing 21,315 tons of molten steel and 20,746 tons of slabs in 216 melting instances. 
Mohammad-Reza Banaian Mofrad, the head of the Steelmaking and Continuous Casting Unit, hailed improved productivity and optimal use of equipment as two main factors contributing to the setting of new records. He said in light of the unit’s previous records this year (started on March 21, 2017) which is designated as Year of Resistance-based Economy, Action and Implementation, the new record has cleared the way for the company to take steps toward realizing its annual objectives. 
He further said the unit’s previous record which was registered on May 9, 2017 involved a daily production in electric arc furnaces of 20,532 tons of slabs by casting machines (115 melting).  
The head of the Steelmaking and Continuous Casting Unit then said the following factors were also at play in setting the new record: close cooperation in the iron making unit; proper unloading of molten material from the electric arc furnaces, 99 minutes apart; availability of the cranes for transferring the molten materials; availability of casting machines; the appropriate width [of the steel products] the planning unit had determined for the end products; efforts to properly prepare the molten materials (in terms of time, temperatures and analysis); and transfer of molten materials to the casting unit.
Banaian Mofrad stressed the need for efforts to hold on to existing conditions and even set better records, saying that the steelmaking unit can undoubtedly make more progress and continue to set new records thanks to coordination and conscientiousness among all related units in the company.  
In conclusion, he thanked all personnel at the Steelmaking and Continuous Casting Unit and said that support by the company’s senior management has motivated all staff in their pursuit of corporate agenda and has helped smooth the way for the realization of its objectives.

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