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Without attention to environment, sustainable development remains elusive: MSC chief

Dr. Bahram Sobhani, the managing director of the largest steel holding company in Iran and the wider Middle East, has said attention to environmental standards is of great importance in all sectors, especially in industry and Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC).
The MSC managing director said World Environment Day dates back to 45 years ago when the United Nations organized a human and the environment conference in Stockholm, Sweden. In parallel, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that led to the formation of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). “When you look at MSC history, you find out that as early as the late 1970s when the construction of the plant got underway, MSC cared about compliance with environmental standards; a case in point was the launch of a center dedicated to the study of 72 plant species.”
Dr. Sobhani went on to say that MSC acts in line with the principles of sustainable development and views the protection of the environment as an important social responsibility it is duty-bound to fulfill.
He further said MSC's approach to environment protection is a social responsibility rooted in ethics, culture and the beliefs of staff and management, adding such a lofty attitude has been formed as a result of commitment to dos and don'ts governing human attitude toward the environment as well as corporate culture and the values enshrined in Islam.
The MSC managing director stated sustainable development is the kind of development that meets the current needs of communities without harming the capabilities and potential that will be needed by future generations. In doing so, communities develop their economies and improve their lifestyles as they take account of social issues and protect the environment.
Originally MSC was designed to produce 2.5 million tons of steel products, he said, adding the increase of that initial figure to 6 million tons a year came on the back of a firm belief that provision of the current needs should not come at the expense of the capability of future generations to satisfy their own needs.
He said disposal of transformer oils under the supervision of the Department of the Environment in a principled fashion, the processing of hot slag in a bid to reduce the volume of waste that needs to be buried, efforts to turn waste into added value and protect the natural resources are some of the measures taken under the MSC environmental initiative which was picked by the Energy Globe Foundation and the European Association for Green Management as an exemplary initiative in 2014.
Dr. Sobhani further stated that implementation of real-time online monitoring of pollutants and dispatch of data analysis to the Department of the Environment in line with updated environmental regulations; construction of a wastewater treatment facility at Saba Steel Company to recycle wastewater and return it to the production cycle, a project to develop and upgrade the treatment facility at MSC, measures to reduce the volume of water extracted from the river, a 200 billion toman project to upgrade the dust control system, provision of funds for a project to collect and refine the wastewater of nearby towns to settle the environmental problems of the region, use treated wastewater in industrial projects and solve the region's water crisis are some other environmental steps MSC has taken.
He said MSC’s implementation of these projects and its contribution to international environmental programs such as the climate change plan in cooperation with the World Steel Association, have earned it accolades from international institutions. “In line with efforts to improve the environmental conditions of the region, MSC is now handling an expanse of green space more than 1,600 hectares in area. The treated industrial wastewater of the company is used to irrigate the green space in question, a move which is designed to cut the need for additional extraction of water from the Zayanderud River.”
In conclusion, the MSC chief said for the steel giant the sky's the limit when it comes to efforts to upgrade its environmental processes. That is why expansion of cooperation with research centers and universities across the country to promote environmental studies is on the agenda of MSC, he said.   

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