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202 successive molten steel casting in Machine No. 4 through 26 fly tundish operations

The hardworking, skillful personnel of the steelmaking and continuous casting plant at Mobarakeh Steel Company carried out 26 fly tundish operations to set a new record of 202 successive molten steel casting by Machine No. 4.
What comes below is part of what some officials, experts and staff members of the steelmaking and continuous casting plant have said about the new record.
Ghassem Khoshdelpour, head of MSC’s continuous casting production: Enthusiasm among members of staff and contractors in the company to set new records grows by the day. For setting new records, a number of factors play a key role, among them: the standby-ability of equipment and maintenance during the record-setting period, planning, and support by different units and management for the implementation of production plans. After undergoing scheduled overhauls, Casting Machine No. 4 saw the 270 molten steel casting in two sequences of 68 and 202 in nine consecutive days (a total of 212 hours). It required only three hours to pick up the casting of molten steel. Thank God, we managed to set this record. I extend my gratitude to the staffers at steelmaking and continuous casting plant including internal sections and the plant’s contractors as well as the logistic units for their efforts and contributions.
Kamran Moradi, head of the casting repairs department: Thanks to divine assistance and the determination, efforts and perseverance of the personnel at the continuous casting plant, MSC successfully set a new record by carrying out a large number of fly tundish operations which require good experience on the part of staff members and standby-ability on the part of equipment.      
Beiranvand, head of the repairs unit of the continuous casting plant: Repeated records set by the continuous casting plant in less than a month speaks of the determination, close cooperation and proper teamwork in the steelmaking and continuous casting plant. It also reveals how well the plant is performing.
Mojtaba Afshari, head of the utility: In a year designated as Year of Production Boost, the new record was yet another crown jewel of the steelmaking and continuous casting plant. The great achievement has come on the back of close cooperation and tireless efforts of the management and staff at the plant. Without a doubt, these achievements show that God helps the people who join hands to get the job done.   

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