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Isfahan MP: Steel industry is lifeline of economy

The steel industry acts as a lifeline for the national economy and industries, said Heydar Ali Abedi, a deputy who represents Isfahan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly. 
In an interview with Steel Newsletter, the MP said the steel industry, not least Mobarakeh Steel Company, is a driver of the economy, adding on top of the direct employment the steel industry has created, the role it has played in generating indirect jobs is beyond doubt.
He further said the steel industry is a textbook example of the realization of the Resistance-based Economy and added this industry is an embodiment of national self-belief and self-reliance.      
Abedi recalled the Supreme Leader’s remarks on the need for tapping into domestic potential and said the role the steel industry plays in the national economy is no less than that of the oil industry.
He expressed regret over the black picture painted of the steel industry when it came to water consumption in Isfahan and said, “Our studies show that a handful of gardens in the north of the province consume more water that MSC does.”  
Mobarakeh Steel Company is a flag-bearer of efforts to conserve water, he said, adding MSC meets the better part of its water needs by buying and recycling wastewater.
The Isfahan MP went on to say that the steel industry has opened the door to economic growth and development in the country, adding this industry is projected to grow in stature in the Middle East and Europe.
He stated that bigoted comments on the environment and attempts to blacken the name of the steel industry do not serve the interests of Isfahan and the entire country.  
As for the new developments unfolding in the economy sector, Abedi said what matters most at this juncture is the special support the country is expected to lend to the steel and iron industries which inject dynamism into the national economy.
In conclusion, he said the locally made steel products have slashed the cost price of many industrial goods in the country. “Had it not been for these products, consumers would have had to buy steel-based goods at prohibitive prices from abroad.”

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