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Isfahan’s Friday prayer leader: Economic headway key to stability of Islamic Republic

Economic progress is a key factor in stabilizing the Islamic Republic of Iran, Isfahan’s interim Friday prayer leader said in a meeting with Dr. Bahram Sobhani, the managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Company.
Ayatollah Seyyed Abolhassan Mahdavi, who attended a ceremony at MSC to mark the martyrdom of Imam Hossein, the Prophet Mohammed’s grandson, later told the MSC chief the fact that each year the Supreme Leader smartly chooses an economic slogan for the country indicates that he has predicted the enemy’s intent to impose economic sanctions against Iran well in advance. “Today the leader underscores that the enemy is trying to deal a heavy blow to the Islamic Republic by resorting to economic tools.” 
The country has been dragged into all-out economic warfare, he said, adding in order to emerge triumphant in this war, the country should take revolutionary measures on the economic front. “We should bear in mind that working normal hours would not pay off. We need to have a massive presence on the economic front in the real sense of the word. Winning the economic war is what matters most for the parties to the conflict. This is not mere competition [in the market].”
Ayatollah Mahdavi, who also has a seat on the Assembly of Experts, described Mobarakeh Steel Company as a major industry in Iran and said, “Building on its revolutionary morale, MSC leaves a deep mark on national economy. Its managers and staff are expected to pursue their work and advance their agenda more seriously.”
The company’s achievements over the first half of the current year (March 21 – September 22, 2018) are more important than what it has gained over previous years. “There is no denying the fact that exports of Iranian-made goods, together with identification of and access to new markets, are helpful and effective in current circumstances. Development of exports and access to global markets will produce two positive results; first, such measures help us solve economic and hard currency-related problems in the country; and second, we can make the voice of the revolution heard across the world, louder than before.”      
In imposing sanctions, the enemy is going out of its way to make the Islamic revolution suffer so that it can sell to countries which are sick and tired of tyranny the [false] idea that the revolution of the oppressed is doomed to fail, the interim Friday prayer leader said. “What is certain is the fact that delivering a deadly blow to Iran’s Islamic revolution is a pipe dream of the enemies which will never come true thanks to the presence of perseverant and hardworking people in the industry sector and on all other fronts in the country.”    
He went on to term the leader and the mourning months of Moharram and Safar as two strong arms of the country which bring about stability for the Islamic revolution. “The enemy has spared no effort to harm Iran’s revolution, but the tactful and insightful stewardship of the Supreme Leader, together with the vividness of Imam Hossein’s memory in these two [lunar] months, has foiled the enemy’s plots.”   
Ayatollah Mahdavi hailed MSC for its attention to the quality of its products and said efforts by industrial units to cut production costs and improve quality are key to a permanent presence in domestic and overseas markets. “The way the locally produced goods are packaged and transferred to markets plays a role in survival in export markets.” 
He then highlighted timely implementation of the company’s ongoing projects on different fronts, among them MSC’s partnership in and contribution to a project to supply drinking water in Isfahan Province. “That a project is complete according to schedule is very important. In implementing such projects, no delay or shutdown should get in the way so that efforts to improve public welfare can be undertaken soon.”     
In conclusion, the cleric said it is necessary to keep the Iranian people informed of the achievements of Mobarakeh Steel Company as well as national breakthroughs. “People should be kept posted about the achievements of the Islamic Republic, especially on the economic front, properly and punctually. At a time when the enemy is going to great lengths to dissuade people, efforts should be made to uplift their morale. An uplifted nation will sap the enemy’s morale.”     

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