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Iran to form national committees entrusted with indigenization of raw material, equipment of steel industry

A massive passive defense maneuver was staged on Mobarakeh Steel Company premises with Mobarakeh’s Friday prayer leader, governor, prosecutor, head of the local justice department, members of the provincial national security council, head of the provincial intelligence department, police and Basij force commanders, chairman of Mobarakeh industries, mines and trade department as well as the managing director, managers and staff members of Mobarakeh Steel Company in attendance.
During the exercise, MSC chief Hamidreza Azimian said Mobarakeh Steel has adopted far-sighted and deterrent measures as far as passive defense is concerned. “The sectors which fail to make proper planning and have a strong performance on the passive defense front will be badly affected by the potential damage of the soft warfare. [Enemy] plots will be nipped in the bud if passive defense guidelines are implemented properly.”
The emergence of Mobarakeh Steel Company is one of the prized achievements of the Islamic Republic, he said, adding the website, computer and software systems MSC has launched in its logistics department and along production lines should be appropriately updated in line with passive defense requirements.
Azimian brought into sharp focus the vigilance and awareness of managers and staffers and said, “The more the enemies resort to various weapons to deal a blow to the country, the more we need to adopt wise and preemptive measures so that we can safeguard this prized possession of the nation.”
He pointed to the sanctions imposed by the US on MSC and said, “As I said earlier, sanctions are nothing new. We need to bear in mind that the enemy slaps sanctions only to deal an economic blow to the country; that’s why we need to act vigilantly and give our economy a shot in the arm.”
He went on to say that efforts to fully meet the steel industry needs for parts and consumables at home are at the top of the company’s agenda, adding such efforts are part of measures which amount to passive defense. “At first, sanctions worsened the economic situation, but the Iranian nation has learned to remain steadfast, beef up the domestic economy and turn such sanctions into opportunities to grow and gain self-sufficiency. We need to bear in mind that we should try harder to find ways to offset the plots of the enemies as they try to tighten the economic noose around our neck. We need to keep in mind that progress comes in trying times.”
The country will form powerful committees at the national level to indigenize equipment and spare parts the steel industry needs in the near future, Azimian said. “These committees which act as the executive arm of passive defense in the country will place on their agenda plans to tap into domestic potential and indigenize equipment and consumables.”  
He highlighted the role staff members play in current circumstances and said, “What is certain is the fact that MSC staff and management have always escaped the humdrum nature of everyday life and will keep doing so in the future. Looking ahead, the company’s dynamic, skillful human resources have always proven that nothing can dent their steely resolve, a reality the back-to-back achievements of Mobarakeh Steel Group bear testimony to.”    
In conclusion, the MSC managing director said, “In the holy Koran, God has time and again promised to offer divine assistance to those who strive to earn a living. We need to rely on faith in God and work more closely together to remove the problems that are standing in the way. Officials are expected to join hands to safeguard what the Islamic Republic has achieved over the years, especially Mobarakeh Steel Company which is the country’s crowning achievement in the industry sector.”
Also in the meeting, Mobarakeh’s Friday prayer leader Mehdi Mousavi, who represents the Supreme Leader in the town, thanked Mobarakeh Steel Company for its preemptive measures and said, “The enemy, albeit formidable and dangerous, will fail in the face of the faith, resolve and capability of Iranian youth.”        
He reiterated that all officials should join hands to safeguard the Islamic Republic’s achievements, especially Mobarakeh Steel Company, the country’s crowning achievement in the industry sector, which has come into existence on the back of the tireless efforts of people.”
To that end, Mousavi said, all officials and managers in Mobarakeh are at the ready to stand by MSC as it confronts the challenges standing in its way.
Later in the meeting, Mobarakeh Governor Hamid Assarzadegan said that the Supreme Leader has laid emphasis on preparedness, whether during war or peace, adding passive defense is not limited to wartime. He said the country should be prepared for any eventuality, including natural disasters.
He stressed the need for the implementation at MSC of passive defense [to reduce the likelihood of successful attacks and minimize damage] and said at a time when many industries are wrestling with problems and limitations in the country, Mobarakeh Steel Company is delicately proceeding with its production to meet domestic need and bring in hard currency to the country.
The governor went on to say Mobarakeh Steel Company plays an instrumental and decisive role in creating jobs for the youth and in helping the downstream and upstream sectors. “Any disruption to MSC’s production would take a toll on several other sectors in the country; that’s why we need to work together to protect the giant steelmaker.”    
He said drills such as passive defense maneuvers will help the company become fully prepared for any eventuality including [enemy] threats, accidents and natural disasters.
Assarzadegan pointed to MSC’s measures to help handle serious incidents in its surroundings and said it is praiseworthy that Mobarakeh Steel Company acts in line with its social responsibilities. “When nearby towns and plants face any contingency, MSC rushes to the help of people by dispatching well-experienced, well-equipped fire teams to the scene and tries to minimize damage both in terms of blood and treasure.”
One passive defense strategy revolves around efforts to facilitate the transfer of MSC’s incoming goods and outgoing products and prevent any disruptions in this regard, he said, adding Mobarakeh is home to the country’s largest cargo transfer terminal, only after the port city of Bandar Abbas. “All managers and officials in Mobarakeh are fully prepared to stand by Mobarakeh Steel Company in case of emergencies so that nothing can disrupt its smooth working process.”
Development of industries, including steel, perfect example of successful implementation of Resistance-based Economy and passive defense
Colonel Nasr Esfahani, the Commander of Basij Force in Mobarakeh was another speaker in the meeting who said, “By definition, defense is the act of defending someone or something in the face of enemy threats. Active defense involves military hardware, but passive defense does away with weaponry and taps into prudence and foresight.”
He described passive defense as one of the country’s most strategic defensive principles and said passive defense covers all actions that safeguard the country against the enemy.
Passive defense is applicable to different sectors, chief among them the economy, he said, adding we need to bolster the economic infrastructure of the country.
The commander went on to say that implementation of the guidelines and strategies of the Resistance-Based Economy is one of the largest and most efficient aspects of passive defense on economic, social, political and cultural fronts. “The development of the steel industry in parallel with other industries is a perfect example of successful implementation of the Resistance-based Economy and passive defense. Focusing on production and added value creation in this cycle may effectively shore up the country’s economy.”
He said implementation of passive defense in the industry sector calls for boosting security systems in production lines and industrial networks. “Sometimes the enemy tries to deliver a blow to the country via infiltration and sabotage. To prevent it from happening, we should remain vigilant through up-to-date security systems and deny unauthorized access to our networks.”
Principally, passive defense has always been centerpiece of MSC’s agenda
Still later, head of the MSC Security Department Jahangir Vakili, who also serves as secretary of the MSC’s Passive Defense Committee, presented a report on the company’s passive defense performance and said the passive defense principle is here to stay on the company’s agenda for good.
He then broke down the key measures MSC has taken in the area of passive defense:
Building firewalls between main electrical substation transformers (400 and 63 kilovolts);
Building firewalls to prevent the explosion of compressors at the Oxygen Unit;
Developing fire alarm and extinguishing systems for electrical substations, tunnels and control rooms in different units;
Building and inaugurating an Oxygen Production Unit (Number II) as a backup system;
Supplying about 25 percent of the electricity the company needs from an internal power plant;
Constructing a 400-KV electrical substation (Number II) to raise the sustainability of the company’s electricity supply;     
Building Shahid Kharrazi Gas Station to provide sustainable gas supply for the company;
Constructing industrial and urban wastewater treatment facilities to supply the company’s water when it is hit by water shortages;
Buying urban wastewater of nearby towns to provide sustainable water supply for the company;
And, constructing new tunnels to supply sustainable electricity for electric arc furnaces. 
Vakili went on to say the company has also taken measures to protect the environment and improve the workforce health, among them equipping the chlorine injection pumps with a dechlorination system and walling off the cold liquid tanks of the Oxygen Unit.   
The secretary of the Passive Defense Committee said in light of the fact that cargo transfer is of great importance, the company has worked out and implemented some transportation projects such as development of rail transportation to smooth the path for the constant inflow of raw material and products, and equipping the satellite companies actively involved in transportation activities so that they can carry the company’s material and products in emergencies. He added the company will constantly develop these projects.
He then said Mobarakeh Steel Group has taken the following measures on the IT front: conducting studies on launching a backup website; forming an information security committee; implementing a project on assessment of information security risks; running penetration tests for the infrastructure’s information security system and removing the existing inconsistencies; training experts and disseminating information by holding training courses; launching a center to monitor and counter security risks; expanding the network’s communications infrastructure; renovating new data and equipment centers; reviewing and re-designing intradepartmental Internet-based communications networks; and designing a sustainable network.
The MSC’s security chief said that in spite of some problems the company’s working plan has run into, there have been no disruptions this year thanks to prudent measures and constant follow-up on the progress of these measures.
During the massive passive defense maneuvers, the company staged combined drills to assess the reaction of fire squads as well as ER and physical protection units as part of a hypothetical scenario in which a vehicle slams into fuel tanks at Hot-Rolling Unit. The participants in the drills successfully put out the fire and pulled the injured to safety.

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