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MSC chief: Balanced collective action on MSC’s agenda

Mobarakeh Steel Company’s managerial standards have been extended again, said the MSC chief, following the presentation of a report by a team of auditors that handled the external auditing of the company’s Integrated Management System standards.
In the closing session of the auditing, Hamidreza Azimian thanked the company’s managers and staff members for their efforts during with the auditing process and said, “It is good news that Mobarakeh Steel Company has always walked down the path to growth and excellence. We need to honor and protect the company’s achievements. Today the enemy has stepped up its attacks on our national economy and is trying to deliver a blow to the Islamic Republic by targeting the livelihood of our people.”
He further said Mobarakeh Steel is at the core of steel production in the country and the driving force behind the development of other industries.
He stressed the need for indigenization of parts and local supply of the equipment the company needs and said, “History shows that people who are determined to achieve something manage to make it a reality. That’s why we need to build on balanced collective action as well as awareness and hope to take steps toward our corporate goals. We should not allow anything to interfere with this process.”
The MSC managing director went on to say that we should focus our attention and efforts on ways to achieve the company’s primary goals. “One way to keep walking down the path to excellence is that managers and staff members in different units and plants review the findings of the audit team and try their best to remove the possible defects in the shortest timeframe possible.”
In conclusion, Azimian said MSC managers and staff members should bear in mind that many families across the country earn their livelihood as the engine of the steel industry revs up. “So at this critical juncture, we have to act more responsibly in undertaking our mission.”     
Auditing, an opportunity to assess systems, review lessons learned
Head of MSC’s Technology Department Manouchehr Nikfar, for his part, offered congratulations on the company’s new achievement and said auditing opens up an opportunity for the company to assess its systems and learn from its mistakes.
He further said an eight-man team from Switzerland’s SGS handled the auditing for 74 man-hours between October 27 and November 21, 2018. He added the Swiss team assessed the company’s performance in terms of Quality Management, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS), Environmental Management System (EMS), Energy Management, Customer Complaint Management (CCM), Customer Satisfaction Management (CSM) and Educational Management.
[SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company and is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity]
He said the external auditing of Mobarakeh Steel Company concentrated on the following: dissemination of information, training and proper execution of guidelines and workflows; process indicators and corrective actions (quality as well as customer satisfaction and claims); goals and plans associated with energy management; materialization of environmental projects and objectives; calibration of monitoring and measurement equipment; and risk management (goals, health and safety).
Attention to and implementation of management systems has been key to the achievements Mobarakeh Steel Company has so far made, Nikfar said. “All staff members at MSC are expected to do what it takes to correct the defects the auditing process has brought to surface in due time so that the company can make further progress and move toward organizational excellence.”
Comprehensive systematic approach, profound faith of human resources have turned MSC into powerful economic enterprise
The auditing process lasted one month and covered a range of issues such as quality, management of environmental, health and safety issues as well as training, customer satisfaction and complaints, and energy management, the chief auditor of the SGS team told the correspondent of Steel Newsletter at the end of the auditing.
Mohammad-Reza Hosseinian further said that the findings of the audit show that Mobarakeh Steel Company is still growing, adding there are some defects in the process, though, which are nothing when the vastness of the steelmaker is taken into account.
What stood out in the MSC assessment was the fact that Mobarakeh Steel is a leading company when it comes to learning, he said, adding the giant steelmaker makes good use of auditing and looks for opportunities to correct its production processes.
The chief auditor went on to say, “By and large, the auditing process produced good results. Without a doubt, the strong faith of the company’s managers and staff members has played a big role in these achievements. A comprehensive systematic approach and the profound faith of human resources have turned MSC into a powerful economic enterprise.”
Hosseinian said MSC auditing dates back a quarter century, adding over the years SGS and DNV, two leading companies in terms of assessment, have conducted the auditing of MSC.  
Large organizations are expected to build on the results of such auditing to progress, he said. “The processes in MSC are coming along. We should bear in mind that the auditing process is equally tied to two factors: how well-experienced the auditor is and the way the audited company cooperates with the auditor. Thanks to their faith, managers and staff members in different MSC units have cooperatively helped materialize the objectives of the auditing process. Arising from such cooperation are opportunities to improve the processes. If that happens, the organization will be the main beneficiary.”

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