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Lenjan governor: Interaction between regional officials, industry sector spurs socio-economic development

Lenjan governor has stressed the need for development of cooperation between regional officials and the industry sector.
Mehdi Safar-Khanlou made the remark after going on an inspection tour of production lines at Saba Steel Complex and in a meeting with Ahmad Ahmadian, the complex’s manager.
The governor said the steel industry plays a key role in the economic development of the region and the entire country. “The governor’s office and officials in Lenjan have always tried their utmost to support the industry and help remove its problems. They also believe that the region’s industrial potential can be tapped to boost the country’s economic development, help businesses thrive and improve the cultural and social atmosphere in the region.”
Saba Steel Complex’s production line which has huge potential can be instrumental in the steel chain and production of special steel products, Safar-Khanlou said, adding more interaction between those in charge in the industry sector and regional officials will set the stage for the improvement of business atmosphere.
During the governor’s visit, Ahmadian presented a report on Saba Steel Complex’s performance when it came to steel production and its social responsibilities. He said as part of its strategic goals, Mobarakeh Steel Group gives priority to social responsibilities. “When necessary, the industry has viewed itself as an inseparable part of the region and the complex has honored its social responsibilities in line with Mobarakeh Steel Group’s rules and regulations.”      
Ahmadian said Mobarakeh Steel Company has taken the following measures to do its share when it comes to social responsibilities: reconstruction of Shahid Madani Rehabilitation Center; funding a project to provide cars for the physically challenged people at Shahid Madani Rehabilitation Center; construction of an underpass on the Hajj-Agha Hosseini Highway connecting Zarinshahr and Varnamkhast; construction of the Riz Railroad Station; building and installing a statue at the entrance to Chamgardan, a town in central Lenjan; investment in a project to collect urban wastewater in Lenjan County; granting financial assistance to Imam Khomeini Relief Committee; financing the first National Conference on Water Crisis, Iranian Cities and Sustainable Development; and establishing cooperation with the Welfare Department in Lenjan County.   

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