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MSC, EREC sign deal on launch, maintenance, repairs of Zendehrud substation

Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) and Esfahan Regional Electric Company (EREC) have cut a deal on the transfer, maintenance and repairs of the 400-KV Zendehrud substation, which is part of the national power grid.   
Under the deal inked by the MSC chief and EREC managing director, Mobarakeh Steel will take care of launching the electrical substation and Esfahan Regional Electric Company will handle its maintenance and repairs.
MSC chief Hamidreza Azimian said in the signing ceremony that constructive cooperation and interaction between MSC and the electric power industry is a valuable step toward bolstering the industry and spurring the country’s economic growth. He also appreciated efforts by the staff and managers at Esfahan Regional Electric Company and stressed the need for developing cooperation.
For his part, EREC chief Musa Rezaei said MSC is the largest and the most famous customer of the Energy Ministry, adding MSC has contributed to the electric power industry in peak hours during summer by managing and maintaining its production processes.   
He said a number of MSC projects involving electrical substations are under way, and highlighted the importance of constructive cooperation between his company and MSC to complete these projects.
Rezaei went on to say that Mobarakeh Steel Company has a long history of launching 400-KV substations. “MSC’s electricity distribution unit has been entrusted with launching Zendehrud substation thanks to the trust we have placed in MSC’s full compliance with the guidelines, and Esfahan Regional Electric Company has been tasked with maintaining and repairing the substation in question.”
The EREC managing director, along with his accompanying team, paid a visit to the Steelmaking and Continuous Casting Unit at Mobarakeh Steel Company and inspected the capacity building processes of MSC’s electrical substations – among them 400-KV Zendehrud substation, 400-KV NIS2 substation and 63-KV MIS2 substation. He hailed the progress of the projects and underlined the need for finalizing them, electrifying NIS2 and MIS2 substations through Zendehrud substation, and activating the new demand through this electrical substation.
Still later, MSC’s official in charge of energy and fluids said that Zendehrud substation which supplies electricity for Shahid Kharrazi's Direct Reduction Unit (No. II) and related transfer lines has been built by Mobarakeh Steel Company in cooperation with Esfahan Regional Electric Company and was connected to the national grid in March 2018.
Abbas Akbari Mohammadi said the successful launch by MSC of the substation – which is of highest voltage in the national power grid and is crucial in terms of safety and function – is credited on the company’s knowhow and experience. “Electrification of new substations will transfer part of company’s electric charge to the new substation, increase the company’s electricity supply sustainability and ease seasonal restrictions when it comes to the supply of electricity for production lines.”
A joint committee will be formed to bring together the dispatching unit and other related units at Esfahan Regional Electric Company, the units at MSC in charge of implementing energy and fluids projects and the electricity distribution unit, he said, adding guidelines will be drawn up to electrify the constructed substations including 400-KV NIS2 substation and 63-KV MIS2 substation. “A meeting attended by managers as well as electricity and power plant experts from Mobarakeh Steel Company and Esfahan Regional Electric Company discussed and explored ways to establish further interaction and bring about speedy implementation of the drawn up projects.
During the visit the officials in charge of implementing projects and conducting energy and fluids projects at MSC presented reports on the stages and progress of substation construction projects and emphasized the need for cooperation between technical teams at Esfahan Regional Electric Company to complete and finalize the ongoing projects.

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