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CEO in Opening Ceremony of the New Emergency Healthcare Center in MSC: “Human Resources’ Health, the Most Important MSC Strategy”

In the pickaxing ceremonies of the new emergency healthcare center of MSC , Dr. Sobhani made remarks on he need for the maintenance of the personnel’s healthcare as the most important strategy of the company which is the goal sought by the company by endeavoring to create an environment which is in congruence with the latest standards of healthcare facilities and services so that they are taken care of if an accident occurs.
According to the report sent by our correspondent, in this ceremonies the chief executive officer spoke about the necessity of an integrated coherent center for delivering emergency healthcare services to the people damaged by of occupational accidents as well as outpatients and said, “So far, by the auspices of God’s Grace, an emergency unit has been devoted to emergency healthcare services to the damaged workers, and the people working in it have spared no effort in taking care of the wounded people.”
Referring to the reason behind the establishment of the new healthcare center, he said, “Simultaneous to the execution of expansion projects, as one of the company’s priorities and investments  made for this purpose, it was essential for us to invest enough funds in the delivery of higher standards of healthcare services to the people who are possibly wounded  and optimal maintenance of the people who are the most precious capital of the company in terms of quantity and quality, as it has been taken care of before.”
Emphasizing the need for the timely completion of this project, he said, “Today the soil was picked for the construction of the new emergency healthcare services center. And I would like the people in charge to pursue the construction operations and timely delivery of this center, and I would like to say to our personnel, one by one, that all of them are worthwhile for us, therefore it requires that we abide by safety instructions and create conditions where the emergency healthcare center of the company will never be booming.”
It should be noted that this center with well-equipped wards provides for the patients in need of heart revival, those afflicted with electric shocks, patients with severe burns, chemical accidents and patients afflicted with toxicities in physical or hematological terms, operating theatres, rooms for minor surgeries for the people afflicted with mutli-accidents, isolation room for isolating the patients from the air-pollution, trauma room for taking care of the patients who have received shocks, injuries, and external  severe blows and are in need of urgent surgeries, rooms for hospitalization  and short-term hospitalization cabinets, and triage rooms for keeping the records of the patients.  The patients are dispatched to hospitals nearby if necessary.

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