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Call for Tender - No 48442542

Sub: Identification of qualified contractors on the method of EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) slag processing 
Mobarakeh steel company intends to identify qualified contractors specializing in the type of technology, presenting the proposal of processing the slag of Electric Are Furnace.
Therefore, all qualified contractors who have the required expertise and qualification in the field of recall will be required to submit the identification and technical documents mentioned below required documents:
The readiness letter, relevant experience and company's resume, of the technology method documents the amount and type of requirements (energy and fluids), capacity ,tonnage and the amount of investment, the method of delivery of molten slag, environmental effects ,project benefits and requirements.
Registration deadline:  30.01.2018               
All the required documents should be sent to the following address and/or e-mail:
Mobarakeh steel company (MSCO)
Purchasing contracts Dept.
P.O. Box (Postal code 04885) 70 Km south west of Esfahan, Iran
In case of questions Please contact the following numbers:
Commercial: Mrs. R.Ghasemi
+98 (0) 3152733098
Technical: Mr Danesh  +98(0)31-52736401
Rendering documents will not create any rights for the applicants.
Your timely response shall be highly appreciated in advance.
After receiving offers and/or proposals the qualified companies will be invited.

Technical specification
Container emergency Diesel generator (power plant)
Trailer Mounted
Power: 500 KVA
Voltage: 400V
Power Factor: 0.5
Frequency: 50HZ & 200 HZ
Voltage regulation ability: 10% - 110% Vn
Connection: Star
Protection: Full protection for mechanical & Electrical system
Container : 40 ft with sound reduction chamber (Max 75 db in 7m)
Road trailer: 3-axle-trailer
Cables: 4 cables (50 m per each cable) with cable reel system

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