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Continuous casting plant sets new record of 151 molten steel

Hardworking staffers at Mobarakeh Steel Company’s Casting Machine No. 5 have managed to set a new casting record of 151 continuous molten steel by carrying out Fly Tundish operations.
Mohammad Fakhri, who is in charge of Casting Machine No. 5, said that Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) refers to the unit at MSC which handles casting operations. He said in normal circumstances, casting is carried out in the company in a period of 10 to 12 hours in a continuous manner, adding later the casting operations come to an end and the machine undergoes inspection and starts casting again after its flaws are fixed. “Over the past several days the skilled staff at the unit in charge of repairing the Casting Machine No. 5 has managed to revive the casting process and set a remarkable record of molten steel relying on divine assistance and their own institutionalized potential and commitment.”
He said coordination, speed and precision should go hand in hand for a company to make such a breakthrough. “In fly tundish operations, the tundish containing molten steel was replaced without a halt to the casting operations. Such high tension operations need to be carried out in a time span less than three minutes. A prolonged operation will fully disconnect previous and new ingots and this will impose a halt to the casting operations. The well-experienced personnel working on Casting Machine No. 5 could skillfully handle the operations and prevent any dysfunction or halt.”
Fakhri further said the collective success came on the back of 96 hours of continuous production, setting a production record of 12,000 meters of flawless hot-rolled slabs.
He said 96 hours of continuous slab production is the result of the capability and preparedness of the personnel and Casting Machine No. 5. “Fly tundish by itself is a high-risk operation, but the staff at the unit in charge of repairing Casting Machine No. 5 was able to successfully carry out the operation thanks to their reliance on divine assistance and their own experience.”
In conclusion, Fakhri thanked the management of the plant, the units in charge of technical production offices, repairs and logistics, quality control, PPC, and all staff members at the steelmaking and continuous casting plants for their tireless efforts.

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