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Environment chief: MSC has taken effective measures to protect environment
Director of the Department of the Environment Isa Kalantari has characterized as positive measures taken by Mobarakeh Steel Company and stressed the need for protecting the environment and tapping the existing potential when it comes to waste management.
Kalantari made the remark after visiting MSC pavilion at the 18th International Exhibition of the Environment [Iran Enviro Fair (April 13-16)] in Tehran and getting a first-hand account of the giant steelmaker’s achievements on the environment front.
MSC cares about environmental protection
As part of its macro strategies, Mobarakeh Steel Company has voluntarily complied with environmental guidelines, a social responsibility move in line with sustainable development, said the managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Company.
On the sidelines of the exhibition, Hamidreza Azimian told reporters that investment in environmentally friendly projects and provision of effective environmental mechanisms have always been an integral part of MSC’s policies since its foundation and during the implementation of expansion projects.       
He further said sustainable development lies at the core of MSC’s managerial principles and added, “The senior management views allocation by Mobarakeh Steel Group of budget to environmental projects as sound investment. That’s why we have employed state-of-the art treatment systems beside electric arc furnaces, direct reduction plants and other units in the company.”
The company stresses the need for improving its environmental achievements as it has always paid due attention to boosting the quality and quantity of its products, Azimian said, adding the company values its environmental achievements as social responsibility and as an objective more important than simply a legal obligation.
He said MSC has invested as much as 600 billion tomans in projects to protect the environment. “From among top 8,000 international initiatives, an MSC plan, known as hot slag processing, secured the top award from the European Association for Green Management and the Global Energy Foundation in 2016. MSC was involved in intense competition with world-class companies last year. It has reduced its crude water consumption to 2.7 cubic meters per ton and its pelletizing plant has implemented various projects to decrease its energy consumption to 0.92 gigajoules per ton of pellets. These breakthroughs have turned Mobarakeh Steel Company into a role model on the world stage. These achievements – together with its success [in the registration of an emission-reduction project as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)] at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – show that like a responsible citizen, MSC has always taken into account sustainable development as well as the environment and will continue to do so in the future.” 
In conclusion, the MSC chief said, “As part of the industry which has invested in environment protection projects, we at the MSC urge the government to help us complete the water projects the company has started over the years. Some of these projects are now 60-70 percent complete.”
Effective environmental measures of MSC deserve appreciation
Somayyeh Mahmoudi, who represents Shahreza in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said the measures Mobarakeh Steel Company has taken to protect the environment are praiseworthy.
She made the comment as she visited the MSC pavilion in the exhibition and held talks with its managers, the correspondent of Steel Newsletter reported.
The MP thanked major industrial companies, including MSC, for their participation in the exhibition as well as for what they’ve done on the environment front and said the environment is one of the greatest concerns of the country, especially in parliament.
As for heavy flooding in the north and south of the country, Mahmoudi said better management of such natural disasters can set the stage for the country to turn the threats into opportunities and prevent environmental losses.
The MP further said, “Organization of environment exhibitions will open up ample opportunities for us to develop efficient methods to protect the environment and Mother Nature.”
She emphasized the need for more coordination between agencies dealing with the environment and industries and said such cooperation should be grounded in scientific studies so that the industries face the smallest number of problems as they pursue their business activities in line sustainable development and environmental standards.     
The company’s use of modern environmental technologies in its production lines, landscaped green space on the company’s premises, and treatment and recycling of urban and industrial wastewater to be later used as sustainable water resources are among the valuable measures the giant steelmaker has taken, she said. “All these measures result in the revival of the industry sector and conservation of green space. What’s been done so far commands appreciation.”
MSC attention to environment in line with social responsibility
In Mobarakeh Steel Company, efforts to protect the environment and undertake social responsibility are central to formulating corporate goals and long-term strategies on an annual basis, said the head of the MSC Public Relations Department.
Iraj Torabi further said like production plans, all environmental guidelines and programs are binding and should be implemented by yearend, adding MSC has created 1,600 hectares of green space on its premises in line with the law.        
The company uses drip irrigation for the green space in question, he said. “In light of the water crisis and in order to irrigate its green space and meet the need of some of its units for industrial water, MSC has signed an agreement with the management of the province’s Water and Wastewater Company to create a network to collect wastewater from nine towns in Lenjan and Mobarakeh districts. Luckily this national project in which the company has invested as much as 320 billion tomans has been partially inaugurated.”
Torabi went on to say that the project to collect wastewater from nearby towns will meet 30 percent of the company’s need for water and at the same time will prevent wastewater from finding its way underground, and into aquifers and the Zayandehrud River. This in turn will prevent disease from spreading.
In conclusion, the public relations chief said, “In the eye of the MSC management, qualitative and quantitative improvement of the products runs parallel with environmental care. “Without a doubt, the parallel tracks of better products in terms of quality and quantity and better protection of the environment are the driver of MSC, enabling it to continue its sustainable march [toward progress and growth].”
Energy saving, zero waste among key MSC strategies
And, Mohsen Sattari, the head of the Environment Department at MSC, said as far as the environment is concerned, Mobarakeh Steel Company has concentrated its attention on three areas: saving energy; collecting, treating and recycling urban wastewater for industrial use; and cutting down on waste production and marching toward producing zero waste.
On the energy front, he said studies have been carried out into possible heat recovery involving gas emissions from chimneys, especially in the power plant, and a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project has been worked out in the company.
As for misconceptions about the steel industry, he said, “The mindset that steelmaking is a polluting industry belongs to half a century ago. Today the steel industry is an environmentally friendly industry in the world thanks to new approaches of managers and designers at steel units.”                       
On reducing consumption, he said the company has defined a consumption index for each unit. “By completing and developing wastewater treatment systems, especially the modern systems used in Reverse Osmosis (RO) units, the company is seeking to use the treated wastewater in its production lines.”
Currently the company treats its wastewater before using it for irrigation purposes in its green spaces and in the agriculture sector, Sattari said. “At one stage, MSC managed to bring back as much as 20 percent of its treated wastewater to the production line by developing its own treatment facilities. Besides, the company will be able to take major steps to that end by completing and inaugurating RO systems.”
He highlighted the importance of environmental issues at MSC and said steel products are among few products which can be 100 percent recycled.
Since its foundation, Mobarakeh Steel Company has worked with a university team and the Department of the Environment to study the environmental impact of its activities in the region, he said. “Accordingly, the company has sought to design the kind of infrastructure needed for the control of pollutants, wastewater treatment and waste management.”
Sattari said the company has gone the extra mile to reduce its waste and added, “MSC is working on plans to process its waste, including slags, in order to produce a by-product with added value.”
He said a number of companies are cooperating with MSC to process and turn waste into valuable products, adding processing waste and reusing it in the production cycle instead of natural and crude materials can largely contribute to the decrease in the consumption of natural resources.
MSC can earn excellent marks for its waste, environment measures
Later Alireza Rahmati, who is in charge of education and interaction with industries at the Research Center for Environment and Sustainable Development (RCESD), an affiliate of the Department of the Environment, paid a visit to MSC pavilion in the exhibition and said identification of environmental achievements and the potential of industrial companies paves the way for the RCESD to take steps toward the country’s Outlook Plan which envisions the protection of the environment.
He underlined plans aimed at effectively safeguarding the environment and said, “We need to work closely together to have this objective materialized. We also need to bear in mind that exhibitions like this serve such a purpose.”
Rahmati went on to say that records at the [European] Green Capital Secretariat show that Mobarakeh Steel Company has taken appropriate measures when it comes to decreasing environmental pollutants, especially air pollutants, reducing water consumption, recycling water in line with environmental standards, developing green space and using treated water for irrigating green space. He added these measures have been given scant attention in other industries.
He said MSC has also fared remarkably well when it comes to waste management, something which is absent in other industrial centers. “All in all, what the steelmaker has done earns it excellent marks.”
MSC performance in waste management strong
The performance of Mobarakeh Steel Company, whose staff members care about environmental issues, is by far better and stronger than similar companies [in the country], said the commercial manager at an industrial waste management center.
Saman Khabbazi, the commerce manager at Rahpouyan Saleh Company, an industrial and hazardous waste management center, said, “We have been working on industrial waste management for more than 10 years. We are especially cooperating with Mobarakeh Steel Company which we believe is a leading company when it comes to industrial waste management.”
From the very beginning, the performance of the giant steelmaker has been exemplary, he concluded.

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