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Improvement of product quality, quantity together with production boost, crushing response to enemies

The managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) has said that measures to improve the quality and quantity of products and boost production are the most crushing response to the enemies.  
Hamidreza Azimian made the remark at the opening ceremony of a Sacred Defense exhibition in his company and said, “The enemy was staging a ground offensive as well as terrorist attacks in all cities across Iran to impose a defeat on the Islamic Revolution, but thanks to the guidance of the great founder of the revolution, enemy plots failed. Timely and effective strategies adopted by the late Imam Khomeini set the stage for the Islamic establishment to assert its authority.”
He then recalled Koranic verses and the country’s breakthroughs in the course of the Sacred Defense and said, “The onus is on us to hold such functions and honor the memory of the martyrs. We should also try to safeguard the values of the Sacred Defense.”
Azimian said a large number of men and women lost their lives during the imposed war. “Many others were taken captive or suffered disability. [Thanks to their sacrifices], today we have Mobarakeh Steel Company, which is the jewel in the crown. We are now able to lead our lives in a safe environment. We are all indebted to their tremendous sacrifices.”       
The MSC chief then touched on enemy plots to paralyze Iran’s economy and said, “It is true that those who work in production and industrial units are fighters on the frontlines of an economic war. Today the enemy is seeking to isolate and destroy us by resorting to ploys such as sanctions and economic pressure. The responsibility rests with us to redouble our efforts on the economic front and protect the blood of martyrs.”
The MSC’s qualitative and quantitative improvement as well as its growing sales and revenues are just a few examples of the company’s resistance in the unequal economic warfare, he said. “Measures to improve the quality and quantity of products and boost production are the most crushing response to the enemies.”
In economic warfare, industrialists can ease public pain by producing more
Later in the ceremony, Ms. Zahra Saeedi, who represents Mobarakeh in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said, “After the enemy did not get it wanted through military action, it tried to wage economic warfare in order to infiltrate the ranks of people in the country. Luckily, the enemy failed in its attempts thanks to the guidance of the Supreme Leader and public resistance.”    
She further said, “In the economic warfare, industrialists are the ones who can ease the public pain by working and producing more. We should bear in mind that the crises are not here to stay and that weathering the storm will bring about progress and development down the line.”
The Islamic Revolution’s main strategies focus on strengthening faith, sticking to ethics and respecting the establishment’s red lines, Saeedi said. “Commemorating Sacred Defense Week and honoring the memory of the martyrs can serve as a reminder that we owe everything we have today to the pure blood of the martyrs and the sacrifices of the war-disabled veterans during the Sacred Defense that lasted eight years.”
She went on to say that respect for human resources, meritocracy and abidance by social rights and issues are among the successful strategies of senior management in Mobarakeh Steel Company.
Jihad-style management brings blessings on different fronts
Commander of the Basij Force in Mobarakeh Colonel Ataei said in the ceremony that the victory of the Islamic Revolution witnessed Iran join regional treaties and deals and caused colonialism led by the US to lose its main supporter, the Pahlavi regime, in the region. “The victory of the Islamic establishment saw the emergence of the biggest enemy of the US and the Zionist regime in the region.”
He further said all internal elements, leftist groups, Marxist and Liberal movements together with their external agents led by the US tried their best to throw security challenges in the way of the Islamic Republic and stem the growth of the Islamic Revolution, but they failed.
The commander went on to say, “Today Iran has a top berth in regional and world rankings when it comes to military and defense capabilities, industry, technology, nanotechnology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture, and we owe this to a Basij mindset which says ‘We Can’. The late Imam championed this way of thinking and the soldiers in the Sacred Defense period materialized it by rushing to the battlefields where truth was fighting against falsehood.”
Conquering the peaks of science on different fronts was a post-war achievement, the colonel said. “Our youths found their rightful place on the battlefields and discovered their own precious identities. The young soldiers, among them young war commanders, helped us make great achievements in recent years.”
Colonel Ataei said restoration of a Jihad-style management system has brought about plenty of blessings on different fronts. “Such a management system was created in the years of the Sacred Defense. Back then the youth discovered their potential and could indigenize various sciences and mass-produce different goods without tapping into foreign consultation. The country has successfully managed to construct different types of missiles, high-tech drones, ammunition, submarines and military hardware courtesy of the martyrs’ blood and by resorting to the We-Can slogan.”

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