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Inauguration date of MSC marks anniversary of might of country's steel industry: Managing director

A ceremony was held at the Conference Hall of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) on January 13 to mark the anniversary of the steel giant.
The function, which coincided with the birth anniversary of the sister of the third Shiite Imam, brought together the MSC managing director, vice presidents, senior managers, a number of staff members as well as the managing direct of Sepahan Football Club, its technical team and players.
According to the correspondent of Steel Newsletter, at the ceremony MSC Managing Director Hamidreza Azimian offered congratulations to participants on the birth anniversary of Hazrat Zeinab and thanked all MSC managers and staff members, past and present, for their contributions to the company over the years. “As a result of these contributions and efforts, MSC production which stood at 2.7 million tons in 1993 has now risen to 7.2 million tons a year. So far, as much as 106 million tons of MSC products have found their way into local and foreign markets.”
He went on to list the following as the most important achievements of the company this year: record low water consumption in slab production (2.7 m3 per tons of slabs); an 11 percent increase in crude steel production; a 10 percent rise in production of hot-rolled coils; inauguration of expansion projects at Saba Steel Complex; and being named a Gold Leading Organization for Excellence in the Manufacturing Sector in 2018 based on the EFQM Global Excellence Index.
He then touched on the conditions prevailing in local markets and the problems the enemies have created for the country's economy and said. “The fact that enemies are hard at work to disrupt our economy is nothing new. MSC management and staff are trying to develop a better understanding of the existing conditions and the stated objectives of the company to work closely to break through the hurdles, as they did in the past. Let’s not forget the fact that problems will do nothing to dent the steely determination of MSC personnel to carry on.”  
He dismissed hopelessness as the only factor that can bring humans to their knees and said, “We are placing our trust in Almighty God and building on plans worked out as a result of the determination of both management and personnel to develop proper courses of action for all the issues we face. We won’t let our steady march toward progress be disrupted.”
The MSC managing director went on to call attention to indigenization of the production of industrial equipment and vowed that his company will perform better than in the past on that front. “In the indigenization exhibition which was held in Tehran, MSC secured valuable achievements in cooperation with local manufacturers and knowledge-based companies.”
Azimian further said Mobarakeh Steel Company has placed a balanced collective march on its agenda, adding the company seeks to make this slogan a reality through cutting costs, indigenizing equipment, and promoting the productivity as well as the excellence of human resources.     
Recalling what the nation learned from eight years of Sacred Defense, he said that today the enemies are launching an economic war against the country. “During the [1980-1988] war, we learned to fight until the last drop of our blood in defense of the honor and glory of our country.”
On the performance of MSC personnel, the managing director of the steel giant said that making efforts to secure national glory is the duty of all MSC managers and staff members, and that senior management has a responsibility to appreciate these efforts. “I would like to extend deep appreciation for all efforts MSC personnel put in.”
Azimian described attention to social responsibilities as a major strategy of Mobarakeh Steel Company and said like in the past the company remains fully committed to its social responsibilities. “In line with corporate regulations, we will continue to serve the honorable Iranian people. We will try to walk down the path of balanced development and provide services, among other things, in the form of support for Sepahan Club, to inject liveliness, energy and hopes into the ranks of society.”
In conclusion, he expressed hope the company can build on the efforts and cooperation of its managers and staff members as well as on the support of officials to overcome whatever problem that comes its way in the future.

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