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MSC chief: Iran’s sanctions-era measures starting point of weaning country off dependence on others
“The country has to move forward at a time when sanctions are in place. Our measures in this regard mark a new beginning for the country to wean itself off dependence on foreign products,” the managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) made this remark in a coordination meeting ahead of an exhibition on indigenization of Iran’s steel industry.
In the meeting also attended by members of MSC’s management committee and CEOs of companies in Mobarakeh Steel Group, MSC chief Hamidreza Azimian said that organization of an indigenization festival and exhibition is not a publicity stunt.
He further said, “The festival is a call to action at a national level to prevent the steel industry from coming to a grinding halt. We should bear in mind that it is a giant step which should not be limited to the duration of the exhibition. When the exhibition is over, all units should cooperate with the Association of Steel Producers of Iran, other steelmakers, part makers and suppliers to end the industry's dependence on imports.”
He stressed the need for extra care and strenuous efforts in holding the exhibition and said, “We need to make planning for the post-exhibition period. We have to redouble our efforts after this national event and help the giant gathering bring national pride and dignity for the country.”
Prior to Azimian’s remarks, Mohammad Nazemi Harandi, who heads MSC's Public Relations Office, said indigenization at MSC is as old as the company itself. “Indigenization has always been front and center in Mobarakeh Steel Company which has built trust in domestic knowledge-based firms and manufacturers of raw materials and equipment to institutionalize the knowhow of constructing steelmaking plants and producing equipment and parts in the country,” according to the correspondent of Steel Newsletter.
He went on to say the first national conference and exhibition of Iran steel (January 7-10) set the stage for all companies which are involved in the iron and steel production chain to put on display their capabilities and lend support to domestic production.
The official said miners, steelmakers, equipment and part manufacturers, suppliers of raw materials and startups are the key players of the national call for action. “In the national event, Mobarakeh Steel Company – the largest steelmaker in the country and the Middle East – together with its subsidiaries shared their experience with other firms in the form of specialized panels. Thanks to effective mechanisms and proper planning, MSC welcomes plans to tap the capabilities of other companies, including manufacturers and suppliers, and support them.”

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