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Isfahan governor general supports MSC, underlines its development, authority

The governor general of Isfahan Province has stressed the need for efforts to update Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) and help maintain its authority.
Abbas Rezaei made the remark in a meeting with the MSC managing director and his deputies as well as managers of different plants in the company and highlighted the role Isfahan plays in meeting domestic need for steel products.
He stressed the importance of working out solutions to the problems steelmakers are facing as far as the supply of iron ore is concerned and said, “Mobarakeh Steel Company is a source of honor and authority for the country. That’s why efforts to boost the company’s development, update it and shore up its production cycle are highly significant for the province and the entire country alike.”
The province’s top official also thanked the MSC chief and staff and said encouraging news is always coming out of the giant steelmaker, and it shows that cooperation and consensus among the company’s management and staff members is the backbone of its achievements.
He went on to underscore the importance of industrial and economic development in the country and said, “Even today, it’s too late to launch a development drive in the country. As the Islamic traditions go, each day in the lives of Muslims should be different from the previous day; otherwise they would get stuck in a rut and drift backwards. Mobarakeh Steel Company should take into account all legal affairs before carrying out its expansion projects so that it can play a leading role in the country’s economy and nip the colonial plots in the bud by raising productivity and increasing production.”
The governor general also said it is important for MSC to update its equipment to raise its output and improve the environmentally friendly technology and equipment it uses in different plants. “Production and diversification of quality products is an upside for the company, something the company is expected to continue steadfastly.”
Rezaei further said MSC has constructive interaction with the province and the country when it comes to undertaking its social responsibility. “Without a doubt, such praiseworthy interaction will lead to public works projects and industrial development of the country.”               
He praised the company for its transparent financial performance, respect for the rights of shareholders and attention to the bread-and-butter issues of staff members as well as its measures to reuse urban wastewater in the production cycle of the industry sector. “The optimal use of modern marketing methods and the hunt for new export markets should be placed on the agenda of Mobarakeh Steel Company so that MSC can reclaim its position in international markets as a world-class company.”
MSC keeps producing steel products to meet needs of domestic industries
In the meeting, the managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Company presented a report on the performance of his company and said, “Despite the obstacles and problems the enemies have thrown in the way of the economy and the industry sector in the country, fortunately MSC has ridden out the tough conditions thanks to official support and round-the-clock efforts of the company’s management and staff members. In line the Supreme Leader’s instructions, the company is still producing different products and meeting the needs of industries at home.”
Hamidreza Azimian further said in the year to March 20, 2019 the company’s capital rose to 13 trillion tomans from a previous 7.5 trillion tomans. “The company has aims to increase its capital to 20 trillion tomans in the future.”
He said the company is materializing its goals in all plants and units. “Domestic steelmakers, including MSC, can successfully wean the country off its dependence on steel imports if the raw materials they need are supplied.”
The systems responsible for taking orders from customers and delivering products to customers are operating – as usual – with precision, speed and discipline in the company. “For sure, we will be able to constantly satisfy domestic needs in cooperation with other sectors, especially the one in charge of supplying iron ore and parts.”
Selling raw materials will earn the country no added value, he said. “Although sometimes exporting raw materials is appealing, it will definitely do huge damage to national economy and businesses in the country.”
The MSC chief went on to highlight the importance of development and the use of modern technologies in the industry sector’s production lines and said, “Luckily MSC is thoroughly pursuing and implementing its expansion projects in a bid to complete its production chain.”
Azimian praised as “intelligent and timely” the Supreme Leader’s strategy of boosting production and said the functioning of domestic industries and a production boost will inject a sense of hope, dynamism and vibrancy into society. That’s why Mobarakeh Steel Company is doing what it takes to adopt this strategy.”
He credited mutual cooperation between state officials and the industry sector as one of the effective ways to overcome economic restrictions, especially in the industry sector and said, “Under current circumstances, cooperation and public support is what the country needs more than anything else.”       
Azimian pointed to the position of his company in the steel industry and said MSC’s progress and development, both in upstream and downstream areas, will bring about growth and development for a number of major industries at home.

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