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Isfahan officials underline dissemination of timely, accurate information
It is highly important to have accurate information disseminated in a timely fashion and secure more interaction between the industry and culture sectors, a senior MSC manager and an Isfahan provincial culture official have underlined.
In a meeting with Mohammad-Ali Ansari, the director general of Isfahan provincial Culture and Islamic Guidance Department, Iraj Torabi, who is in charge of the Public Relations Department at Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC), laid out what the company has done when it comes to culture and art and elaborated on the giant steelmaker’s approach toward social responsibility.
As for environmental measures, he said Mobarakeh Steel Company has turned into a role model and excellent steelmaker on the world stage, citing the fact that the company has reduced its water consumption to 2.7 liters per kilogram of steel.
As far as social responsibility is concerned, MSC has taken valuable measures, among them: recycling water and providing water for its production lines by treating the wastewater of nearby towns, he said, adding this has helped improve the hygiene of local people and set the stage for the industry to ride out the water crisis.
At the meeting, Ansari stressed the need for dissemination of information on the performance of industries and said, “Unfortunately, today steel is viewed as a water-consuming industry, but dissemination of accurate information can clear up misunderstandings in this regard.”
The provincial culture chief went on to say the provincial Culture and Islamic Guidance offices are tasked with implementing cultural and arts policies in town and cities, voicing his department’s readiness to cooperate with other government agencies and institutions when it comes to implementing those policies.         
Also in the meeting, Rasoul Mehmandoust, who heads the MSC office which deals with information and publication affairs, said Mobarakeh Steel Company is a supporter of media. “Since its foundation, MSC has ensured corporate accountability and helped maintain and protect the media sector in the country in line with policies it has adopted involving social responsibility.”
He further said MSC has properly defined the industry-media interaction, something which has paved the way for the local press in the province to forge ahead with their activities in trying times.

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