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Lifting mechanisms refurbishment saves MSC 2,300 billion Iranian Rials per year
Head of lifting mechanisms of the transportation and logistics department of MSC informed us of the refurbishment of the 50 and 18 ton cranes in MSC saying, “The renovation of these mechanisms save about IR 2,300 billion Iranian Rials per year.”
Rahim Kholghi went on to say, “One of the objectives sought by this refurbishment was to lower the cost of rented mechanisms by replacing them with mechanisms owned by MSC.” He added, “To this end, in a meticulously calculated and planned procedure and the painstaking efforts made by the people working in the general mechanisms workshop, and in line with the Supreme Leaders message naming the Iranian year of 1392 the year of political epic and economic epic, we managed to bring back to functional life these mechanisms in full compliance of safety standards with no leakages.”
“In another move, the refurbishing team succeeded in not only renovating these mechanisms, but also to implement the LMI system on these mechanisms in order to prevent possible operator errors in adjusting the load and the boom length and pertinent angles in the height where the crane boom operates. For years this was noted as safety non-conformity.” He added.
He concluded his remarks by expressing his gratitude for the all-out supports given by MSC top management, operation and purchase deputies, senior manager of technical and support services department, transportation and logistics department, and all fellow workers who actively contributed to the execution of this project.

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