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Lower shells of electric arc furnace at Saba Steel Complex developed and overhauled

The staff of the central repairs shop at Saba Steel Complex has relied on the capability of local producers to develop and overhaul two lower shells for the complex's electric arc furnace.
Manuchehr Bahrami, who is in charge of the complex's central repairs shop, said that in keeping with corporate strategy which underlines maximal use of local capacities, support for production lines and improvement of the standby-ability of equipment, measures to build and overhaul two lower shells of the complex's electric arc furnace were placed on the agenda of the central repairs shop.
He said the process involved a variety of tests, including metallurgical tests, technical inspection, dimensional tests, and tests of the shell panels. Staff then gathered preliminary data on the furnace shell and procured, inspected and confirmed the specifications of the steel sheets needed for the overhaul and identified capable local companies.
Mostafa Bahrami, a technician with the central repairs shop, said to that end a series of technical and engineering measures were taken in cooperation with units that handle technical repairs, technical inspections, steelmaking plant and Paidar Foolad Irik Co. The measures included technical and mechanical engineering tests, metallurgical operations, welding, assemblage, dimensional data collection, various chemical analysis tests, destructive and nondestructive testing, heat treatment, relaxation, process control with repairs in progress and development of the lower shell in line with existing standards.
In conclusion, he thanked the manager of Saba Steel Complex, the managers of logistics and technical services unit, steelmaking, the technical repairs office and Paidar Foolad Irik Co. which implemented the project and other units for their contribution to the project.

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