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MP praises MSC’s attention to efforts to protect values of Islamic Republic

Mobarakeh Steel Company held an exhibition in memory of the martyrs of the eight-year Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s. The governor of Mobarakeh, the city’s representative in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, military and police commanders as well as a host of MSC managers and staff members attended the event.  
Zahra Saeedi, who represents Mobarakeh in parliament, told the correspondent of Steel News Letter on the sidelines of the event that Sacred Defense Week is a reminder of the days during which Iranians displayed patience and resistance and made sacrifice. “Back then on battlefields, brave men fought an unequal battle with empty hands but thanks to their faith in God they rid the country of invaders. On another battlefield today, men and women from the same generation are working hard, on the economic front, to help the country hold its head high once again.  
She highlighted the importance of social and cultural activities along with economic measures and said it is praiseworthy that Mobarakeh Steel Company gets involved in efforts to safeguard the values of the Islamic Republic of Iran as it handles its economic activities, adding development of cultural activities in organizations can set the stage for continuation and growth of economic activities.
MSC perfect example of a fruitful Resistance-based Economy
Mobarakeh Steel Company is an ideal example of the success Resistance-based Economy has resulted in, said the governor of Mobarakeh. 
Hamid Asarzadegan said he’s happy to attend a ceremony in which MSC managers and staff members are present and said given the economic conditions in the country, the urgency of Jihad-style, brave efforts is felt more than ever. 
He further said compliance with the Supreme Leader’s guidelines on production and support for Iranian-made goods is very much in evidence throughout Mobarakeh Steel Company, adding thanks to their perseverance and selfless efforts, MSC’s staff members are a source of pride for this region and the entire country.
Sacred Defense, a reflection of moments of our life  
Sacred Defense is commemorated all through our lifetime, not only one week, said Colonel Nasr Esfahani, the commander of IRGC’s Mobarakeh unit.
He thanked MSC managing director and personnel for what they’ve done to promote the culture of defense and said, “We wish them all the best because they are trying hard to boost the country’s economic stamina.” 
The revolutionary guard commander further said, “Protecting the values of the revolution and the Sacred Defense teaches us how to defy the enemies on all fronts. This is the only path that leads to victory on the economic front.”
He went on to say that MSC has relied on its technological might and experience of its managers and staff members to make valuable achievements on the sensitive front of Resistance-based Economy, adding only part of their achievements have been put on display in this exhibition.
Sacred Defense, reminiscent of bravery by a nation which faithfully defied imperialism
Ayaz Esmaeeli, who is in charge of human resources at MSC, praised the bravery Iranian soldiers displayed in the Iraqi-imposed war and said Sacred Defense is a reminder of bravery by a nation that drew on its faith to stand up to global imperialism and did not allow the enemy to take control of one inch of Iranian soil. 
He appreciated the efforts of MSC staff to register new records and said, “Today the nation is facing an economic warfare. If people in any given organization can properly undertake their responsibilities on the economic front and follow – at a national level – in the footsteps of soldiers, they have rightfully walked down the path to dignity and stability of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”  
Sacred Defense-style measures will hand Iran a victory on economic front
The Iranian nation owes its current achievements in the industry sector to the martyrs who bravely fought during the eight-year Iraqi imposed war, said the commander of Shahid Movahedian Basij Resistance Department of Mobarakeh Steel Company.
Mehdi Kefayat honored Sacred Defense and the memory of martyrs and war veterans and said the nation can ensure a victory on the economic front if it employs Sacred Defense-style tactics in dealing with economic problems. “We should not sit back, not even for one second; in that case we can take the country to the peaks of dignity and power.”

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