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MP: Potential of government, parliament tapped to prevent selling raw materials

A first international conference and exhibition on steel industry was held in Chabahar, Sistan and Baluchestan Province on October 3, 2019 to set the stage for the steel industry to have a constant and effective presence in the city as a leading industry and help with the industrialization of Chabahar, which is a jewel in the crown of Makran, a semi-desert coastal strip in the southeastern province.
After visiting Mobarakeh Steel Company’s pavilion in the exhibition, Chairman of parliament’s Economic Committee Elyas Hazrati said MSC plays an important role in producing steel and developing the steel industry in the country, adding Isfahan Province, particularly Mobarakeh Steel Company, is the centerpiece of the steel industry in Iran.  
He further said MSC’s technical knowhow can largely contribute to the construction of a 2-million-ton steel plant in Makran.
As for selling iron ore, he said in line with the Supreme Leader’s remarks the potential of the executive and legislative branches have been tapped to prevent the sale of raw materials. “We should bear in mind that a country which has no production, cannot achieve economic boom or boost its gross domestic product. To help the country with economic boom and GDP, the Economic Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly has taken serious measures to remove the obstacles standing in the way of production and support national production.”
The MP went on to say that Iran has posted remarkable economic growth on different fronts this year despite negative predictions by international organizations.
In the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Deputy Minister of Industries, Mines and Trade for Commercial Affairs Hossein Modarres Khiyabani said a production target of 55 million tons of steel has been set in the country’s 2025 Outlook Plan. “This comes as the country’s biggest steel companies, including Mobarakeh Steel Company and Esfahan Steel Company, are facing shortages of iron ore and raw materials due to exports of iron ore and sales of raw materials.”
He further said, “We need to act in line with the Supreme Leader’s remarks to boost production and turn raw materials in domestic plants into materials with higher added value. Then we can cement an economic boom and generate more profits for the country by exporting steel ingots and products.”
Later in the ceremony Chairman of Iran’s Mines House Mohammad Reza Bahraman said oil revenues failed to boost the country’s economic growth and prosperity. “The onus is on each and every single of us to help build an efficient economy no matter whether we are part of a private company or a state-run firm. We need to take steps toward building an efficient economy by attracting capitals from domestic and foreign investors.”
A permit has been issued for the construction of a steelmaking plant in Chabahar with a production capacity of two million tons, he said. “Selling raw materials is a concern of all state officials, especially the Supreme Leader. We have to complete the steel production chain in the country so that it generates employment and higher added value for the nation.”
He emphasized that job creation would be a nonstarter in the absence of production.

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