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MSC Becomes the First Iranian Company to Receive WEF Award Trophy

In the 8th green management forum held in Tehran Milad Tower attended by environment activists, heads of different organizations, representatives of over 70 nations, Iranian environment officials headed by Mrs. Ebtekar, vice-president and head of the Iranian  Environment Department on 29 January, Esfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company rose above the other Iranian  organizations to receive the trophy and the award of merit of the World Energy Foundation and European Green Management Community respectively, an honor only won so far by MSC in the Middle East.
The report sent by our correspondent says that Dr. Sobhani, chief executive officer of Esfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company noted that the slag processing project was introduced as the selected environment project saying, “The environmental performance of MSC, in particular slag processing project was introduced as a green innovative plan on the basis of the assessment model presented by the European Green Management Society and was placed among the 6 top selected projects at the international level among 8000 projects submitted to the secretariat of this international foundation.”
Emphasizing the management and personnel of Esfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company’s view to environment issues he said, “In view of the management and personnel of MSC, and the necessity of controlling the emission of pollutants, so far MSC has made investments up to 1,800,000,000 Iranian Rials excluding the amounts of money spent on the maintenance of the existing facilities aiming at the improvement and assuring the performance of these facilities.” He went on to say, “This move proves the interest of the management and personal of MSC in the protection of the environment and means that the management and personnel of the company spare no efforts for the protection of the environment and controlling the emission of pollutants.”
In reference to the WEF’s trophy won by MSC as the only Middle Eastern Company to win this honor he added, “This is a minor example of the steps taken by the MSC in its efforts not only to protect the environment, but also to address the issues important to global communities such as the issue of “the Zero Waste” in that no production unit must add wastage to the environment, and MSC has made and will make best endeavors to alter the waste into valuable products.”
“Though slag is considered a wastage in the steel industry, the project presented by MSC, which has been rewarded as the best project by European Green Management Community, makes this by product a valuable material with added value with applications in the cement making industry in two ways: first, on one hand, in economic terms a wastage is changed to a marketable product on the one hand and on the other, the use of the processed slag saves energies, specially electric power energy consumed for the production of cement.” Adding, “the second achievement is the elimination of thousands of tons of a waste whose accumulation in the environment could create a lot of pollution so it is ecologically of high significance.”
In the sidelines of these ceremonies, Mostafa Ashtari, head of MSC’s Safety, Health and Environment department said, “On the basis of the assessment model of assessing the environment projects introduced by the organizations and the companies with respect to the four economic, environmental, social and technological aspects, with the aim of aligning these approaches and the role they play for the companies in line with the goals and macro plans of the companies, with due regards to the submission presented by MSC that went through the stages of authentication, verification and scoring, assessments were made on our project by international assessors in visits paid to our site.”
Referring to the selection procedures of winners he said, “Projects assessed were grouped on the basis of the four approaches and were introduced as such, and MSC was placed among the 6 world-class distinguished projects.” Adding, “Receiving the trophy and award of merit from the World Energy Foundation not only is a sort of rewarding our company but also it elevates our environmental performance, will elevate our country’s position in environment protection terms and will win a good reputation for MSC among international communities.”
The report also says in these ceremonies, Mohsen Sattari, head of the Environment Department of MSC while making a reference to the way this project was implemented said, “about 5 months ago a recall was issued by the Iranian  Green management association, serving as a link between MSC and European Green Management Community, to the Iranian  companies active in the field of environment, inviting the environment projects that have economic value to participate under the European Green Management Community model for assessment, and we proposed our project as a pre-initiative.”

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