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MSC chief executive officer reiterates: “Production of Special Sheet Grades and Soonest Completion of Expansion Projects in Saba Compact Strip Process Plant”
The chief executive officer of Esfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company paid a visit to Saba Compact Strip Process Plant during which he emphasized on the production of special steel sheets and soonest completion of expansion projects underway there.
According to the report received from our correspondent, after the completion of the visit, the CEO talked to the people working in this area and expressed his appreciation of their efforts and emphasized on the necessity of the improvement of the physical health and safety of the people working in the area.
The report states that Dr. Sobhani continued his visit by overseeing the industrial water treatment facilities and water distribution facilities, raw materials storage yard, direct reduction plant, under-roof expansion projects, steel making, casting and rolling mill, and, briefed by the managers involved, emphasized on the soonest completion of the expansion projects still underway and stated his guidelines in this respect.
In conclusion, the chief executive officer of Esfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company, while expressing his satisfaction of the performance of Saba Compact Strip Process Plant, extended his thanks to the managers, supervisors and hardworking people who worked in this area.

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