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MSC chief underlines need for studying local, global markets, product diversification

The managing director of Mobarakeh Steel Company says the fact that staff members have developed interest in their jobs and in solving the company’s problems is praiseworthy.
Hamidreza Azimian made the remark in a Management Committee session after listening to performance reports by managers of different units and plants in the company. “What stood out in my inspection of the production lines and face time with my colleagues in different units and plants was the organizational commitment and attachment.”
He further said, “We need to raise workforce satisfaction and set the stage for the staff to focus their endeavors on production and creation of higher added value for the country in a more relaxed and committed fashion.”
The MSC chief went on to say, “We have seen many MSC expansion projects inaugurated and the company has made national and international achievements. Being aware of the company’s performance, members of the public believe that Mobarakeh Steel is a dynamic, vibrant company. Therefore, the responsibility rests with us to maintain the corporate dynamism by developing and diversifying products and studying local and global markets.”
Azimian said Mobarakeh Steel has not confined its market presence to traditional markets; rather it is seeking to make its presence felt more strongly in global markets. “MSC is trying to further spur its dynamism through tapping into modern technologies. Without a doubt, we spare no effort to help MSC continue its march on the path to success and join hands to increase production and contribute to the completion of the production chain.”
The company should be strong enough to offset the adverse effects of global developments and market conditions, he said. “We should brace for any eventuality. This becomes a reality on the back of staff cooperation and brainstorming. To that end, we need to delicately and meticulously assess and remove all potential obstacles so that we can handle our serious responsibility in the company in the best possible manner.”    
The MSC chief likened the company’s development and progress to a relay race and said a large number of honorable people have made endeavors since the launch of Mobarakeh Steel Company to make it the largest steelmaker in the country and the Middle East. “We should appreciate their endeavors and try to pave the way for the company to continue its march toward excellence.”
He underlined workplace safety and said families of the staff members believe that thanks to divine assistance the management has applied a system to constantly monitor staff safety and health, adding the onus is on all MSC members to pursue such a goal, so is the case with all national and religious responsibilities.   

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