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MSC chief: Iran can withstand sanctions by opting for indigenization and economical production

In light of the fact that sanctions and enemy plots are designed to deal a heavy blow to the Iranian economy, necessary measures should be taken to prevent production from coming to a halt, said Managing Director of Mobarakeh Steel Company (MSC) Dr. Bahram Sobhani.
Dr. Sobhani made the remark in a meeting of MSC’s management committee after listening to progress reports presented by his deputies and mangers of the company’s units and plants, according to the correspondent of Steel Newsletter.  
He said Iranian officials are stressing the need for supporting industries and export-oriented production more than ever, adding efforts should be made to withstand outside pressures.
The MSC chief further said the best way to defy sanctions would go through prioritizing the company’s needs and lending more support to local manufacturers for the indigenization drive. “A review of the orders placed by customers is imperative because some orders may seem unnecessary at this juncture. That’s why assessment committees are expected to make the most sensible decisions which result in the optimal purchase of the necessary items.”  
The reverse engineering and indigenization departments should redouble their efforts and take more constructive measures on the indigenization front in cooperation with domestic manufacturers and in the shortest time possible, said Dr. Sobhani.
Recalling the Supreme Leader’s remarks on supporting the Iranian-made goods, he said we should do what it takes to indigenize the equipment needed in the steel industry. “Quality-wise, some indigenized items may not be as good as foreign ones at the early stages, but we should instill hope in local manufacturers and provide them with the approaches we’ve worked out. God willing, their empowerment, down the line, will stave off any development that may potentially take a toll on the steel industry.”
The MSC managing director said the more achievements we make in the indigenization derive, the more trust and self-confidence we have boosted in manufacturing companies. “It also helps us take effective steps toward cutting costs and creating jobs for the youth, something which strengthens the family foundation.” 
The MSC chief then underscored the importance of job rotation in the company and said, “A company that lets its personnel gain experience in different positions will gradually have a skillful workforce that excels at all corporate affairs. This will eventually help train experienced people who are useful not only for the company but for the entire country.”   
In conclusion, Dr. Sobhani touched on improving production of different types of products and said Mobarakeh Steel Company has always been committed and accountable to its customers. “Currently MSC’s production chain entails different stages ranging from mines to different kinds of steel sheets. We need to optimize production in all links of this chain and make efforts to meet the market needs more efficiently than in the past.”

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